What will you play in the weekend?


I finished Uncharted 2. Did not like the final boss fight, but the rest of the game was excellent. Now on to Unchartedn3.


Minor change in my weekend play list to add Crosscode, which is amazing.


Played way too late on Friday night and Saturday night, making good progress in Witcher 3. Once I got into Novigrad, it was hard to quit for the night. Also my backlog of sidequests is getting large.


It’s never good when even your games have backlogs :-)


I keep checking the job boards in every village, but the main story compels me!


Played Shiren the Wanderer and the Tower of Fate on the PSVita… and nothing else. This game is so addicting, it starts out like any Shiren rogulike… and then they introduce you to crafting, puzzle dungeons, point cards, monster licensing, you can level up your weapons and shields now by using them, then you get companions etc… this game is so packed with stuff to do… it is perfect on the Vita (DS probably too)… bite sized adventures…


Didn’t end up playing any more Elite Dangerous this weekend, but did play more Homefront the Revolution, and I’m really liking it so far, although the AI could use some work-- in the underground main hub of the game world, sometimes the resistance fighters will run around like headless chickens supposedly fighting an enemy force that must be above ground.


Yes, I love this game, but the AI can be dumb sometimes. My favorite is shooting a bad guy right next to another bad guy, and the other bad guy doesn’t react at all. Doesn’t usually get in the way of the fun though.


It occurs to me that this thread should be “What did you end up playing last weekend despite your best intentions?” Friends were online and wanted to play Dying Light co-op, then wasn’t in the mood for a massive RPG so I thought I might try out the Telltale Back to the Future game and powered through 4 episodes, and then yesterday couldn’t get in the mood for much of anything so played a hidden object Artifex Mundi game, they’re so relaxing. I don’t remember what the heck I thought I was intending to play.


Yeah, a follow-up is important! So I played Tales of Berseria 90% of my gaming time, with a bit of Crosscode at the side, and I did my Guild Wars 2 dailies. That’s it.


Nailed it. Grim Dawn all weekend. I wrapped up Normal last night, but don’t think I’ll press on into Elite. The combat was exquisite but the loot and map layouts left a lot to be desired. Having a dozen different types of damage/resist that can roll on gear doesn’t help. Makes me appreciate Diablo 3’s smart loot system even more after going 30->45 with minimal upgrades.


I did exactly the flying I planned on, which is very unusual for me.


I will check that out at some point, been curious about that series, thanks!

Was a lazy weekend at home so got a lot of gaming in on the new Vita - split my time between Persona 3 (shame they had to castrate the cut-scenes and navigation somewhat), replaying Suikoden for the first time since 1996, and FF X. Had forgotten how excellent the music in Suikoden was.


It’s the worst part of the entire series.


That’s what I read. I don’t understand why games like that and Tomb Raider throw in these weird boss mechanics near the end. These aren’t games that need these types of fights. I ended up watching a YouTube video that was “Stand here. Hit the sap when it spawns and when he beats you about the ears he just drops you down.”

U3 seems a little short, though. I’m only about 2 hours in and already 20% in.


Don’t worry, it’s not meaningfully shorter than the other games. They’re all actually quite lengthy.



I’ve been very happy with the series. They’ve been worth the cost of the PS4 alone.


FWIW I actually thought the third Uncharted game as pretty fun and I enjoyed it overall, or that’s my recollection at least. I don’t know what folks didn’t like about 3, but to me it feels like it fits just fine in the franchise.


So this weekend I’ll be going back to the 90s for the blog with:

Plus some:

For myself, as I just got it from the Humble Bundle, wanna dive into:

Should be a great weekend. :)


You going to be streaming any of those, Brian? I think you said/wrote somewhere that it would be the Star Wolves game, but I don’t remember where (maybe in this thread, even?).