What will you play in the weekend?


The Star Wolves videos will be going up next week.


Uncharted 3


Let’s see… Tales of Berseria would be my first choice, but it has an AI bug that I’d rather see fixed before I keep going, so I’m not sure if I’ll play it this weekend or not. My other choices are Disgaea 2, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Lightning Returns, and Crosscode, with a bit of Guild Wars 2, of course.


The main game I’ll be playing is when is baby born and, depending on that outcome it will determine what else. If not until Sunday/ Monday, I’ll be queuing up some Witcher 3 action (and probably at least some tonight unless…), however if she comes tonight or tomorrow some Xcom 2, as the original Xcom was something I played on the tablet when my first child was born. Nothing like saving the earth while an infant sleeps on your chest ;)


Good luck with your new baby Craig!


Sovereignty:Crown of Kings, Nyheim, Minos Strategos, and Command & Colors:The Great War should all be keeping me pretty busy. I also plan to check in on the Puppy Bowl from time to time.


Board games for me. Long war game sesh tomorrow (either Normandy '44 or A Victory Denied), then a bunch of shorter stuff on Sunday pre Super Bowl. Definitely some Pandemic Legacy.

Might squeeze in some Hitman TRADEMARK this evening before the takeaway arrives.


Thanks Rob!


Wish I had time this weekend to game, damn maintenance at work…

I’ll get in a few turns of Antihero for sure.


I think I’m winding down a bit on Diablo 3, so perhaps a little less of that this weekend… hmmm. I’ll try. Definitely looking to get some hours in the MiG-15 cockpit in DCS World and a few laps in Assetto Corsa. So quite similar to last weekend…

My copies of Comancheria and Hornet Leader arrived too, so after punching counters and reading rules hopefully time for a training game or two!


And the AI bug was fixed in a patch today, so Tales of Berseria it is. ;)


What’s your verdict on this @rhamorim? I’m still working on FFXV but I might need another JRPG before Horizon: Robo Dinos arrives at the end of the month.


I’m still playing - about 15 hours in at this point, I think - and I’m loving it so far. It has much better pacing compared to Zestiria, and combat is a lot more fun too. The characters are interesting and there are lots of interesting “hooks” that might become interesting threads in the story and in each character’s development, so I’m really interested in seeing how things progress.

If not for the AI bug, I doubt I’d be playing any other game until I finished Berseria, and now that it’s fixed, I’ll doubt I’ll play anything else for a while. That should tell you how much I like it so far. ;)


I am the opposite and have been playing Diablo this week for the first time in over a year or so. I will be clicking monsters frantically.

I may also try to squeeze in some ESO time. My khajit has some stabbing to get to.


Thanks, well I better hurry up and finish FFXV!


Still playing catch-up on everyone-else’s old favorites and focusing on XCOM: Enemy Unkown.


Darkest Dungeon, Dig or Die, Eternal Card Game and as usual, ESO.


The weekend isn’t over, but I wanted to mention that I played Magnetic: Cage Closed this weekend. It’s a short first person puzzler that’s a fairly blatant Portal clone, takes 2-3 hours depending on the path you choose and is currently on sale for $1.50. I wouldn’t recommend it at full price, but for $1.50 it was worth spending an afternoon on.


Playing way too much Grim Dawn. One of the best ever ARPG’s, hands down.


So I picked this up this week. Played around with it last night for a couple of minutes to try it out and ended up playing for an hour. Will split my gaming this weekend between this and Tactics Ogre which I picked up for the PSP a long while back, never played, and now purchased again for the Vita.

Currently bouncing between 10 or so games of my 50+ (possibly 100+!) backlog. I need help.