What will you play in the weekend?


Star Trek:New Horizons (Stellaris total conversion), Minos Strategos, the Realpoliticks demo, and Command & Colors:The Great War


Probably some Elite: Dangerous, until one of FD’s asinine design decisions pops its head up and causes me to quit again in disgust.

I swear I need to fire up DCS.

And I think a portion of my tax check will go to WOFF UE.


I may try to clear all of the DLC scenarios just added to Offworld Trading Company.


Eternal, Darkest Dungeon, ESO and now Sang-Froid – Tales of Werewolves. Which in the future I will refer to as that Werewolf Lumberjack game.


My plan is: Tales of Berseria, Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, Disgaea 2, and Guild Wars 2. Maybe a bit of either Lightning Returns or Final Fantasy Type-0 HD if I find the time.


Witcher 3, as infant allows. Twilight Struggle tournament, and perhaps starting Xcom 2 now that I’m able to access my desktop again. Turns out my Surface does not run it well, despite the original Xcom being great on it.


I’m having a blast replaying Fallout 4 (who knew? I’m enjoying it more than my first play through - maybe because I let go of what I didn’t like about it the first time and am just enjoying the nonesense this time?) and I’m digging into Darkest Dungeon (Radiant) as well, which is fantastic. Probably more Xenoblade Chronicles X on my 3DS as well, which is really cool and actually really impressive as well.



Also DCS World 2.0 alpha is finally installed, so I plan to tool around the Nevada map in the MiG-15 and Spitfire.

This may be my first weekend in a while without Diablo 3 - we’ll see! ;)


Post pictures.


If I do, not sure they’ll be that great since I play in VR. Low detail, odd aspect. Never tried!


I paid up early for this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle, so I plan to fire up Total War : Warhammer for the first time ever. Can’t wait!


Some sort of ARPG this weekend, be it trying to “get” Path of Exile again or sticking with the familiar in Diablo III. Another 12 Hour Challenge event in the speedrun community so I might give something a whirl there, but my first choice (Ratchet and Clank PS4) looked wholly unfun to play fast and I have no backup ideas.


A little Star Trek Online, to play some of the 7th anniversary stuff.

Probably Just Cause 3.

Maybe some Total War: Warhammer. Tried it a bit already, but didn’t get very far.

Instead of Warhammer, I may try something else from the recent bundles. So many games…


Steamworld Heist on iPad, ToME, Twilight Struggle Qt3 tourney, and perhaps some board games solo if time.


Perhaps some more Diablo 3, or War in the West. I picked that up over the holidays, so I should jump in. Most likely I will be playing backport patches for work most of the weekend.


Found a copy of Infinite Space for the DS so I may check that out.


Starting up Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom this weekend. Been awhile since I played it through. Thanks, GOG!


Sometimes I think I’m insane. After finding Diablo 3 to be horribly boring a couple years ago, I gave it to someone else. Well, with people talking about seasons, I thought maybe that is the thing that will help me turn the corner. I started feeling excited like I wanted to give it a try. I actually bought the game again - I’m such a freakin’ idiot. I started a seasonal character, a witch doctor, and played through the campaign, then switched to adventure mode. The entire time I’m thinking, yep, this is still pretty boring.

After hitting level 70 and raising my paragon levels, I got some class equipment that really boosted one of my skills. I started having this weird compulsion to keep making my numbers go up even though I really didn’t find the game play enjoyable - just a step above a clicker-type game. I mean, even though I was up to torment level 4 or 5, nothing really changes. Spam attacks while avoiding exploding ice shards, arcane beams, poison pools, etc.

So now once again I have a copy of the game which I pretty much knew I wouldn’t like. I’m so stupid sometimes.

I moved on to ArcaniA today, which doesn’t have a great reputation. The writing is horrible, but I’m finding the combat adequate (better than Skyrim) and the landscape is pretty. I don’t know if I will last the entire game, but I wanted to finally give it a try and either finish it or get it off the list of games to play.


Yep. ;)


Yeah, I know that I’m probably going from one bad game to likely another :-)
Wow, the voice acting and writing are so bad in ArcaniA. But, at least with the combat I need to do some dodging and time my attacks instead of some mindless clicking on enemies. I do wonder if Diablo is better on consoles since they incorporated some dodging. I liked Victor Vran because combat was a little more involving.