What will you play in the weekend?


Sounds like you’re half planning to buy it a third time - Blizzard are geniuses! :)

If the game bores you, I’m not sure the addition of dodging would be enough.


Oh sh*t, don’t even put that thought in my mind :-)
I do have a PS3, but luckily I barely use it so I won’t be too tempted!


I resubbed to WOW and got my main to the point I can do LFR. I also finished Uncharted 3.


So here’s what I actually played: Tales of Berseria, Atelier Sophie, and… Rimworld (finally!). With a little bit of Darkest Dungeon, Samurai Warriors 4-II and God Eater 2 Rage Burst.


I played… Antihero obviously, but also picked up Dark Souls 3 again, and finally finished the Smouldering Lake after killing the Old Demon King. In keeping with my Dark Souls history, underground areas are my least favorite, and this was no exception. And probably why I set the game aside for a few months… But now I moved on to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, and I am 4 bonfires in and enjoying the game again. Not sure who awaits me beyond this next boss door.


Actually played: Nioh and nothing else. Lost a day to mandated social activities.


Tomorrow morning, my fiancee goes out of town for three nights, I get a half day on Friday AND Monday off, so I will have a TON of gaming time this weekend. For the blog I’m gonna hit:

And, by request (I emphasize that since I’m not choosing this on my own):

Plus some of this in prep for next weekend’s streaming event:

For myself, I just finally got this:

So it’s likely much of my time will be spent with that, but I should be able to also hit:

Should be a damned great weekend.


X Rebirth is a much better game now. Maybe try a sandbox mode instead of the campaign? Maybe it will “click” (though the campaign has some awesome BSG-like moments).

As for me, hmmmm, I’ll probably play Tales of Berseria and Atelier Sophie the most, but I want a little variation. So I’ll probably play God Eater 2, or Samurai Warriors 4-II, or Cogmind, or Rimworld, or something else. I’ll let you all know on Monday. :)


What the heck is “Holy Potatoes We’re in Space!” That sounds like my kind of game. My kind of title anyway.


Afghanistan '11 is entering the home stretch, so I imagine I’ll be putting a lot of time into that. I have a hankering for something shiny but not Early Access. I’m thinking of finally grabbing Banner Saga 2, although if Realpolitik turns out better than expected I might get that instead.


So far it seems kinda FTLish, but with the flair from the folks who made Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!


Most likely more time with War in the West, Offworld Trading Company, and Diablo 3. I finished the Operation Husky scenario last weekend in WITW and like to tackle the intro to air ops scenario, and read through the players handbook. I’m kind of exhausted on D3, so probably done for the season.


I’m predicting Nioh… what a great game!



Antihero , Dark Souls 3, and some Offworld Trading Company.


I’m not really an RTS guy, but Halo Wars 2 and Offworld Trading Company are great and I’ll dive into them this weekend. Also, I’ll be racing in Project Cars and Forza Horizon 3, and, finally, doing some survival co-op in The Division with a friend.


For Honor


I’m trying out Deathtrap to see if it’s worth playing. So far I’m mixed with it. Even though I have liked some tower defense / action hybrid games, I’m not sure this is going to be one of them.

I need to get back into Hitman after playing the first 2 maps.

I’m torn on what else I’ll try and play more of. I haven’t really dug into a strategy game in a little bit. There are a bunch of games that I either haven’t played, or I’ve played but haven’t done all of the scenarios that I really need to get back into.

Shadow Tactics: played a little
Conquest of Elysium 4: played #3 and thought it was OK
Stardew Valley: haven’t played at all
Project Highrise: haven’t palyed at all
Chaos Reborn : played some
Stars In Shadow: played some
The Sorcerer King Rivals: Thought that the pre Rivals version was only OK
Master of Orion (original): I’ve only played it a little
Offworld Trading Company: pretty darn good, played some scenarios and almost 1 campaign
Star Ruler 2: haven’t played since the expansion, only played pre expansion a little
Big Pharma: played a bunch of the scenarios but still a lot more to do. Haven’t palyed teh expansion

… and there’s more


Uncharted 4. I’m about 45% in. Hope to knock out the rest of it.


Metal Gear 5 on the PS4.

One Deck Dungeon.

Forge Wars.