What will you watch the weekend.

I plan on NOT renting or buying anything new. I aim to look back at a few things.

I tend to pick a good star that I love and watch his or her stuff. This weekend it is William Holden.

Don’t let that stop you from telling me some new Avenger’s sequel is what you are watching! Weekend movies are the best!

(Horse Soldiers, Network, and maybe a few others-- Wild Bunch comes to mind)

I’ll see if I get around to watching The Other Side of the Wind on Netflix.

My wife wants me to watch Thor Ragnarok (on Netflix) with her, but since Marvel movies bore and annoy me I’m thinking of coming up with some sort of excuse instead.

I also plan to watch 12 Angry Men (1957 version).

That’s a special one though. Has a very Flash Gordon vibe to it.

For us, we’ll likely watch one or two episodes of this (wife is obsessed with it at the moment):

Plus we’ll likely start season seven of our latest Deep Space Nine rewatch.

Classic Dr Who. Never watched it when I was younger, but the reboot series was so much fun that I want to see the originals. Inasmuch as it’s possible, I didn’t realize just now much had been lost from the early days. Britbox seems to have most of it, though, and there’s some fan reconstructions of the rest.

It’s one of the best though. Definitely give it a shot.

Also the Marvel hate here. I don’t get it ;)

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I liked Thor Ragnarok ok, but I absolutely loved 12 Angry Men (both 1957 and modern version done by Showtime).

Henry Fonda! 12 angry white men! But yes, it was a good movie and stands for something until this day. In fact it is what I do every day.