What would happen if Tycho and Gabe were Japanese

This is pretty damn funny. An English teacher in Japan got his students to replace the dialog in some Penny Arcade cartoons. Hilarity ensues. “Today’s forecast is…” is my favourite.


Whoops! http://www.yukihime.com/comics/paremix/

i’m not gonna say anything.

It would be funny if there were a link.

I chose to work with Penny Arcade for three main reasons. First, Gabe’s detailed facial expressions made the setting and emotions clear even without text.

Like “open mouth”, “less open but still open mouth” and “less open but still open in a different way mouth”!

Still, they’re probably funnier than the PA stuff that I get linked to, preceded by “you’ve gotta check this out!!!”

How do you separate “intentional non sequitur” from “can’t freaking speak English”?

[quote=“MarchHare”] “Today’s forecast is…” is my favourite.[Edit]

Reminds me of one of the few really, really segments on the Clerks cartoon. “Oh my god, Bear is driving! How can that be?”

Yeah, that’s probably why I found it so funny.