What would today's politics say about Kennedy's PT boat?


Funny (free) Easterbrook article on Kennedy & Kerry’s wartime boat captainin’.

Today’s revisionism concerning PT-109 seems minor–but imagine if the Kennedy-Nixon election were being held this year, rather than in 1960. Lathered talk-show hosts would be denouncing Kennedy for losing a valuable taxpayer-funded PT boat. Political committees with mysterious financial support would be running ads suggesting the Navy was covering up the sinister real truth of the PT-109 sinking. Democrats would be retaliating by running ads suggesting there was something unmanly about Richard Nixon, raised a Quaker, having the peculiar status of “noncombatant officer” in the Navy in World War II. The whole mess would be miserable to endure: as the coming mess of charges and counter-charges about Kerry in Vietnam may be a misery to endure.