What you'll find on Sins of a Solar Empire's Forbidden Worlds

Title What you'll find on Sins of a Solar Empire's Forbidden Worlds
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When June 7, 2013

In the vanilla version of Sins of a Solar Empire, Hypatia would be just another comfortable terran planet. I would settle it, upgrade its civilian infrastructure, and let its population grow for a while..

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Yet another reason to dive back into Sins. Must... Resist...

This sounds very cool. I don't suppose there have been any significant AI improvements? Dumb and cheaty is no way to go through artificial life, son.

AI has minor tweaks but is far better than it was several months ago.

A new ability condition has been added which is great for modders and at $5 you can't beat this.

Reading this review after reading the review for Last of Us, which received the same score...wtf.

I know it's a different genre, they aim out to do different things, but there's no way they can be on the same level of quality in their own genres. Tom Chick's credibility as a journalist is pretty much lost for me now.

1) I'm not a journalist.

2) Check out our ratings policy if you're confused. 5 stars means only that I loved the game. It has virtually nothing to do with some idea about the game's inherent quality.