Do I really have to be online in order to play game I purchased from the Xbox Live Community Games thing?

Only if you’re not playing it on the Xbox that you purchased the game from. I think there’s some process you can do from the Xbox website that will register all of your DLC to the console you’re currently using if you had to send your original back for repairs.

I am using the same box, but I did purchase it using an old account with some points leftover.

What’s the message of that .gif? Me no get.

You will continue narrowly missing the point, forever.

Holy crap, I bet with the adrenaline that guy had after that he could toss cars around.

His shoe gets ripped off? For serious? Holy crap!

Looks like a re-enactment of the game Flashback.

(No, I didn’t play a lot of the first Prince of Persia.)