Whatever happened to the 12" Maxi?

I just saw the Maxi version of Duran Durans Girls on Film on VH1 (surprisingly erotic with lots of nudity) and it got me wondering.
Whatever happened to the 12" Maxi?

I mean, I know what happened to the actual format. It’s dead with the rest of vinyl (apart from DJ pressings) and I know the cd-single has taken the role of both 7" and 12" because there’s no physical reason for two formats. But to my knowledge the cd-single is dying as well, with no sales.

Does that mean the death of the remixes and extended versions too? Or am I just listening to the wrong music now - a lot of music really doesn’t lend itself to either.
But looking at my record collection I just own a huge fucking bunch og 12" and extended play cd-singles.

Another interesting part of watching that video (apart from the gratious nudity) was that a video even existed. That means that song had two videos and I don’t recall that happening often - was those extended versions mostly an 80’s phenomena? (I think I have at least 12 different extended versions of the major Frankie Goes to Hollywood singles and I know they really pushed the format).

I thought this thread was about feminine hygiene

But remixes and such should be MORE possible with the internet and MP3 formats and such.

The 12" maxi is in my pants! Bam!!

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The 12" remix was definitely a 80s phenomena. It was a way for rock bands to weasel their way into the clubs. I remember The Cult had like six different 12" remixes of “She Sells Sanctuary”.

What I really miss in this era of CDs and MP3s? Coloured vinyl.

Amen to that. I really miss clear vinyl the most.

all of those things still exist.

you can even get them through amazon

My last ever vinyl purchase was the Spawn soundtrack on thre 10" red see through vinyl. Lovely.

Oh, and I found the video, that spawned this thread.
(note to Americans - this is clearly NSFW and there’s also a lot of bad hair!)

The Chauffeur” was a superior DD song and video. Also NSFW.

Duran Duran had a large 12" library in their heyday. It seemed half the catalog of their first three albums had big remixes with unreleased songs as B-sides.

My favorite DD song. The video aint bad either but its a different animal to me.