Whatever happened to the "original" Middle Earth M

Just recently -

Jessica M becomes producer of AC2.

The old producer moves on to another secret Turbine job - rumor says its the secret Middle Earth MMORPG.

But - the last I knew, wasn’t Sierra involved in some kind of lawsuit with the previous designers of the “official” Middle Earth game?

Was that settled, still pending, or what?

That’s a good question. Last I heard MM3D (the company that Sierra was/is? going to have develop the game) re-filed their original lawsuit (which they withdrew for a short time) for $10 million in damages. That was back in 2001.

It’s unfortunate - but not surprising - Sierra sure screwed up bigtime w/ the Middle Earth MMORPG. So much potential there and could have been released well before the first LOTR movie came out.

Having some unknown company named “Massively Multiplayer 3D” develop the game (after scrapping what Sierra’s dev team had been working on for a couple years or so) sounded like a bad idea from the start.

Both Sierra and EA have Tolkien licenses (based on the books and movies, respectively), so either could be doing a ME MMOG. Turbine could be working for either.

i remember seeing this posted last year, but i’ve yet to see anyone substantiate it to this point. a ‘quick’ search of vivendi & related VUGames sites shows no references to such a press release, but who the hell knows.

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I thought Turbine had a sci-fi MMOG in the works? That was a rumor I heard at least. Maybe they ditched it.

We will have more about this soon™.

To tide you over, Chris Taylor, the producer for the Middle-earth stuff at Vivendi Universal Games, has been posting sporadically on RPGVault. Check it out at http://vnboards.ign.com/board.asp?brd=5043.

Adam, is Turbine involved with MOE? Just looking for some confirmation, since there appears to be no PR’s regarding that linked Dec 9th 2002 “PR” on either Vivendi or Turbine’s respective sites… or, in other words, was the PR that was circulated just a fake?

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well golly, that sure was informative.

got anything of substance there?

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People’s definitions of soon vary, I suppose, but I wasn’t lyin.

Thats waht everyone wants to know.
I did the standard ten question interview with Chris Taylor last year right before those rumors started circulation.

Originally it was Vivendi and BlackLabel Games that were making it, then the rumors came on that either a)Turbine was going to develop it, or that b)Turbine was going to liscence an engine to BLG.

Anson Sowby said a press release was going to be issued in a day or two from when the rumors first got out, but nothing has been clarified to date. When people ask, Is Turbine making the game, those always get passed.