Whatever happened to---Vance Cook

Anyone here in the industry who remembers Vance Cook? From the “good old days” of sports sims, really revolutionized the whole golf sim genre with what was Sierra’s Front Page Sports: Golf with the TruSwing, the first mouse swing (that worked!) and then he was lured over to EA to take his design philosophies to Tiger Woods. A great guy, loved golf, passionate about game design.

Does anyone know what he’s up to these days? Is he still tied to the EA Tiger franchise?

How about Lance Haffner?

Well, Google is your friend. :-)

He apparently climbed Mt. Everest last year and is still running EA Salt Lake according to this article from March (scroll down, he’s #89).

Man … Front Page Sports. Now that brings back some great memories. I loved a lot of their titles. It was like a sublime mix of a great sports game and a great sports management sim. I never played the golf sim from them though.

No shit. That studio (Dynamix) was on a role for a few years too. Any of these classic PC games ring a bell?

  • Front Page Sports Football series
  • Red Baron flight sim series
  • Rise of the Dragon adventure game
  • Aces of the Pacific/Aces over Europe flight sim
  • The incredible Machine strategy game
  • Betrayal at Krondor RPG
  • Aces of the Deep sub sim
  • Starsiege and Tribes games

And that’s just naming a few of their games over the years.

He actually bought 400 acres in the Peruvian Amazon and built an amazing place called Treehouse Lodge. We were just there a few days ago… They have all kinds of cool excursions and each “hotel room” is an actual Treehouse up about 65 feet off the ground. Nothing but Amazon jungle all around.

Does he live there full-time?