What's a good RSS feed program?

Because I’m so behind the times.


Argh, people who recommend online newsreaders have obviously never had the functionality of a real one.

Equus, there’s been tons of past discussions, but I love FeedDemon. Ignore the online newsreaders unless what you really want is an online series of updated bookmarks…

I’ve used offline newsreaders. They’re obnoxious. I second Bloglines.

Actually, I just checked Bloglines out again - seems to have improved. I still prefer Feeddemon, but Bloglines would be a good solution if you were interested in having your feeds accessible from any computer.

selfnoise - how are whatever unspecified dedicated newsreaders you used obnoxious?

a: As you said, having your feeds identically accessible from any computer is important to me.

b: I really like Blogline’s interface and integration with Firefox. The offline readers I’ve used have been fairly clumsy.

But I’m also someone who prefers Gmail to a POP email client… I generally prefer a well-made web app to an offline program. All part of my quest to reduce my computer to Firefox and Games.

I use bloglines too, again mainly so I can access it from the 3 different computers I use throughout a week. The interface is fine to me and I’m not really that interested in doing massive display customization.

I love, love, love, the Sage plug-in for Firefox.

Another vote for FeedDemon - slick and easy.

I’ve tried many, I prefer Bloglines because I use multiple machines. Home, laptop, office, PPC… Rather have it all centralized.


Ditto. Also, Bloglines is frames based, which makes it so much easier to run through all your feeds in the morning - everything else, from Rojo to Newsgator Online involves way too much scrolling around just to click on the next feed of interest.

I’m changing my answer to bloglines.com

I just began using this and I too really like it. Bloglines is also great. A lot of people use MyYahoo too.

Additional - while I use Bloglines, FeedDemon is easily the best Windows RSS reader I’ve seen. NetNewsWire fits the bill for Macs.

I use RSS Bandit and I’ve become quite fond of it.

Probably the best thing it has going for it is that it can sync up with an online source, e.g. an FTP site. This feature allows me to upload my feed status at work and download it when I get home (and vice versa).