What's a good set-top TV antenna?

So I have a cheap amplified RCA unit that does an OK but not great job at helping me pick up TV signals with my HDTV. For a variety of reasons, my current situation means I’m limited to a set-top antenna on this TV. Luckily, my window faces the right direction.

I don’t want to go overboard, but what are some of the options at say less than $100?

I use this silver sensor clone:
http://store.snapstream.com/phdtv1.html (fry’s carries these too, not sure on price)
It actually worked better for me with it sitting on the spine and the “arrow pointing” up so you need to experiment with placement, direction, and orientation.

Plus you’ll want some sort of amp:
channel master 7777
or the motorola signal booster

at least that’s the setup I’m running and I can pull most of my station from 30 miles out.
Antenna is in the 2nd story of my house.

Total around a $65 investment.

I’m sort of in the same situation, except my TV has no built-in tuner. So in addition to the two accessories you listed, what else would I need?