What's a really fun, mediocre tech, free download game?

I’m at work, on a laptop, and bored. What’s a great downloadable full game that will run on a laptop? (Note: I’ve already wasted too many hours of my life in Tribes)


ADOM, Master of Magic, or maybe Mount and Blade. Going in order of tech requirements.

DROD: Architect’s Edition


The roguelikes offer a lot of gameplay, and even rudamentary graphical tilesets: Nethack, Angband, and T.O.M.E. (Tails of Middle Earth) are probably the best.

All freeware, and in almost all cases for roguelikes, open source.

The best is TKZangband!!!

Quake 4!

Oh, wait.

Well, it’s a very simple arcadey sort of game, but I had a lot of fun with Icy Tower back in the day.


The McDonald’s Game.


A surprisingly deep strategy game for a flash game.

Another vote for T.O.M.E. if you like roguelikes at all (http://www.t-o-m-e.net)

Oasis is pretty darn cool.

I was actually going to recommend Icy Tower as well. There’s really nothing to the game but I was kind of addicted to it for a while.

Fate, except it’s not free. But it’s easily worth the price.

Crawl with Linley’s tileset is my current favorite roguelike. Though I admit I’ve never heard of TOME and haven’t seen whether ADOM has been updated in the past 3 years…


Cave Story. That 101 free games article on 1up has it. Cute, Metroid-y fun.

The link on the 1up page has an extra “/” so make sure to correct it. Real url:


If you’re into old-school shootemups, you really can’t go wrong with…

ABA Games (they put minimalist art and groovy music to good use in a series of games, most of which are fast-paced enough to make Serious Sam feel like Baldur’s Gate)

Cho Ren Sha 68K (a similar level of frantic action feeling, but this game has a classic early-90s arcade shooter look to it that you might prefer to ABA’s stuff)

If you’ve got a mouse with that laptop, try http://www.plasmapong.com

It’s intense!