What's fun in Austin, TX?

I’m going to spend April 1-8 in Austin for some training with the American Red Cross. They’re covering transportation and lodging, so I’m not sure exactly where I’m staying or if I’ll have a car. Assuming I have a way to get around, what’s fun to do in the evening in Austin? So far I’ve been told to go watch the bats fly out from under some bridge. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

I’ve been told there’s occasionally some music here.

(Seriously: http://www.austin360.com/ Plenty of stuff to do.)

Well you just missed South by Southwest…

Other than that, not much :)

Downtown between 5th and 7th street is happenin’ bar/theater/thingee scene. Lots of college kids, lots of bands, lots of parties, lots of lots.

All kinds of river/water related activites in Lake Austin, which is basically the Colorado River as it winds through the city and its environs (there are other lakes as well west of town). If you like biking, you can rent a bike and go on one of the many trails.

If like gov’t you can check out the State Capitol building and do tours and stuff. Lots of other historic buildings around. Movies you should see at one of the Alamo Drafthouses. The bat stuff is cool too, and there are local caves around.

For free days, travel southwest and west of the city for a day drive, like around the Fredericksburg region. This area of the hill country is quite nice, filled with all sorts of parks, buildings, and is one centerpoint of German Texas. An hour+ drive south/southwest will take you to San Antonio, the Alamo, and other local goodness (like Fiesta, Texas, by recent reports not as great as it used to be).

I’m sure Roger Wong and others have much more poignant things to bring up. Honestly I haven’t really done that much exciting around here that much, for various reasons.

— Alan

The music scene in Austin is great all year round. Get a local paper (it’s been a few years since I lived there, so someone has to tell you what it’s called…Chronicle maybe?) that lists all the shows. Then go see them.

I had the best chile relleno of my life in austin. And I am a chile relleno connoisseur, if I do say so myself. Sadly, it was many years ago, and I can’t remember where I got it. A little hole in the wall restaurant, I remember that much.

I knew there was an Austin music scene, but I guess it never clicked how big it is. It’s looking like if I go either downtown or around S. Congress, I should be able to find something on any given night.

Pretty much? Yes.

— Alan

Some random fun things we like to do when in Austin (sorry if some is this has already been mentioned):

  • Go to Amy’s for ice cream (this is pretty much mandatory for us)

  • Have a burger at Huts

  • See the bats fly out from under the Congress Street bridge (there should be some there in early April . . . although August is the best time to see them)

  • Grab a copy of the Chronicle to see what’s going on that week (it’s free, and available just about everywhere)

  • Swing by Waterloo Records on Lamar Street

  • Have breakfast at Kerbey Lane

  • If you don’t mind a little bit of a drive, go to the Salt Lick in Driftwood, TX for some good BBQ.

  • Check out one of the Sunday Gospel Brunches. They’re a lot of fun (even if you’re not religious) . . . La Zona Rosa, Stubbs, and Threadgill’s all have good ones.

That’s all I can think of for now. Of course, I defer to Roger, Alan, and the rest of the QT3 Austin residents for true local info . . .

Oh, and stusser: If you ever find yourself in the Las Cruces, NM area you really owe it to yourself to visit Chope’s.

Best chile rellenos I’ve ever encountered, bar none.

salt lick is too far. should take some of your red cross trainee buddies over to rudy’s instead.

If you want to interact with young women who bump and grind in revealing miniskirts, hit the paradox dance club at 5th and trinity. there’s always lots of action there. Not my scene, but it’s there if you want it (and there’s nothing wrong with that).

Kerbey lane is good when it’s 4am in the morning, you havent eaten in 12 hours, and all you want is some tortilla soup.

There are a bunch of austin qt3’ers, but we’re all so busy in our little worlds, QT3 is our only interaction. maybe that’ll change.