What's going on at iD Software?


Adrian Carmack fired? I thought he was lead artist for iD - plus a founding member - owning a huge chunk of the company. I hate to see people who’ve started something unique, been together for years, then have it all come apart due to greed. Not saying it’s greed, but it sure sounds like it.

Maybe Jon wants out with a big paycheck so he can concentrate full-time (and have more funds ASAP) to develop his rockets? http://www.armadilloaerospace.com/n.x/Armadillo/Home

iD had artists? Anybody can draw skulls and brown.

There have been rumors of bad blood and attempted buyouts between Adrian Carmack and the other owners for literally years. This was just the other shoe dropping.

id Software being bought outright by Activision sounds like it would be a pretty bad idea considering Activision’s well-known (mal)treatment of their subservient dev houses.

Here dies ID.

In the latest few years all the popular companies have fallen to pieces.

I don’t see that his parting brings the death knell of id Software. Afterall, they’re going to be working on a new intellectual property for their next game, so a new art style may even be a blessing in disguise.

That being said, I hope Carmack (John) or Hollenshead make a statement about this. I sure hope all is well in Mesquite.

Wrong Carmack.

The thing that surprises me, is if Todd and Jon actually want to be under a corporate umbrella and report to those within said structure. For guys that have had so much freedom for years, this would be a very difficult thing. Unless they just plan on selling out, quit, then start a new company.

I though John has said for years after Doom 3, he was doing one last project and retiring.

What’s going on at iD Software?

Nothing since Quake 1. :lol:

Holy carp, I can’t believe it! VoodooExtreme is still around?

Not really. I think it’s a subset of IGN networks?

I wonder when a regular TV show equivilent to behind the music will start for video game companies.

I think it’d be interesting to read a book about how Epic seems to have taken over the world in terms of engine licensing. Not sure I would have predicted them spanking id that badly, but it seems like every other game uses the Unreal engine now.

Seems like Epic did a better job of targeting the console market rather than just relying on PC licensing. Epic also did a better job of keeping a fresh SKU on the market compared to the huge gap in time between Quake 3 and Doom 3.

Or to put it another way, Epic just wanted it more.

Not really. I think it’s a subset of IGN networks?[/quote]

Yep, it’s one of our affiliate sites.

The Doom3 engine is also a huge festering pile of crap, performancewise.

I remember reading a comment by John C. where he was asked about moving into rocketry. He basically said that 3D technology was fun and all, but that he felt it was time to move on to something else.

So i think “Epic just wanted it more” pretty much nails it.

an iD game without the Slayer art style would be interesting IMO. That was the least good thing about them, everything looked like a Heavy Metal cover. The quality was good, but game after game of the same ‘theme’ was kinda meh. Though I guess q3 had a CYBORGMORTALKOMBAT vibe, I didnt care much for that either. Nice quality of work though.

Excellent troll!

No kidding. I’m probably in the minority, but I enjoy my gaming just fine without the pentagrams and occult references.