What's good on TV right now?

So, the wifey and I have finally figured out how to catch up to TV havers. We have no TV, you see, but we still watch a lot of TV stuff, just a couple days later thanks to bit torrent. As long as this site: http://www.tvtorrent.info/ holds up, we can typically stay one day behind.

What I’m wondering now is, what’s worth getting? Colbert Report? I know Lost is good, but we need to start at the beginning there. Is Rome worth it? Is there any show that’s not animated that’s worth grabbing consistently?

Right now we’re watching The Office (US), Trading Spouses (God Warrior), House, Drawn Together, and South Park. Anything we’re missing?

Rome is worth it, yes. Also check out Surface or Invasion. Lost definitely worth it. Hope you’re also getting The Daily Show. I am also a big fan of Commander in Chief but not many others on this forum seem to be.

Also I’m not the biggest fan of Colbert Report. Steven Colbert is always playing, well, his Daily Show persona so it’s like watching a nonstop Daily Show segment. It’s a little too akward at times, and he doesn’t have that charming personality like Jon Stewart. I tend to skip it.

Veronica Mars is good: better than the earlier episodes this season, but not as great as season one (yet?). You’d get more out of it if you started at the beginning, but since they have a complete mystery each episode, you won’t be as, uh…lost as you would be with Lost.

A lot of people are digging Invasion, though I don’t get it. Episode one left me cold, and I was rooting for it as I’m a Shaun Cassidy fan (when the hell is American Gothic coming to DVD?).

Gilmore Girls is one of the most consistently well-written shows on TV (the dialogue, I mean; the plots can vary in quality, though it’s on a fairly good patch right now). Curb Your Enthusiasm, if you can take all the cringing. Arrested De…well, maybe you’ll just get the box sets.

…when the hell is American Gothic coming to DVD?

Now. :)

Holy shit! How did I miss this? You just made my day!

Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

Gilmore Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, Daily Show and West Wing.

I’d like to throw in a vote for the hour comedy block on NBC of “My Name is Earl” and “The Office”. I hesitate to call them sitcoms because both are unlike the usual sitcom formula, which is why they are both great.

Oh… and Lost is awesome.

Lost is worth starting at the beginning. My lady and I just caught up with season 2, and it was an absolute pleasure watching two or three episodes a night to catch up. Best show in a loooong time, IMHO.

I’m warming up more and more to the Colbert Report. I thought I’d lose interest, but it has not come to pass.

I haven’t found any torrents for it yet, but I’m told America’s Test Kitchen is a fantastic show and easily blows away nearly anything that’s on Food Network now.

I’m really into Prison Break. It’s no BSG, but I’m looking forward to the finale…Not quite sure how they’re going to wrap it up.

Shoudln’t have forgotten that one. West Wing’s better than it has been in years.

I want to get into West Wing. Would it be hard to jump right in, or are things easy enough to figure out by context?

You can get up to speed fairly quickly. I hadn’t watched WW in two to three years, but the season opener told me everything I needed to know. Even if you’ve never seen the show, the relationships and plots will become clear in an episode or two.

Is whatshisface from MASH the president now?

I like House.


The presidential race is between Democractic candidate Jimmy Smits and Republican candidate Alan Alda.

Hahah president Jimmy Smits okay.