What's happening in space (that's interesting)

Congrats to SpaceX on a flawless mission. America finally back to launching it’s own Astronauts again. Been to long.

Smart girl.

Didn’t take long for the idiots to show up:


It’s Florida.

Yeah. No Trump people anywhere else, right?

Oops! I didn’t see the banner.

Looks like some legal difficulties with handling people encroaching on the recovery since they’re in international waters.

The statement here indicates they’re going to review if they can do anything differently next time.

I bet that Coast Guard cutter has a .50 cal on board that will make things an incredibly simple matter next time.Not saying to shoot anyone, but you can very easily disable an outboard motor with a machine gun and then tow them away at your leisure and haul their idiot asses off to jail.

If it’s international waters, it’s time to do some gunboat diplomacy.

Space Engine got updated. It’s multithreaded now.

Chris Roberts takes over Virgin Galactic:

Put a few holes below the waterline. Then fish them out of the ocean and arrest them.

Preventing people from plastering NASA over with TRUMP posters is the worst kind of tyranny.

Maybe not broadcast the location in advance?

I really doubt they can get away with that except for maybe saying something like a 20 mile x 20 mile area, which is close to what they already do. There’s a longstanding tradition of posting navigation warnings for the areas you may use and then sharing ship locations also for navigation safety. It’s probably all required by established maritime law, so I think NASA and SpaceX are stuck on that aspect.

good point. Makes sense but then we have all the idiots who are like Pooh Bear to a pot of honey.

Maybe one day a capsule will splash down on a boat and teach them a lesson.

This was a really interesting interview. I can’t recall hearing this detailed description of what re-entry is like. I know there is always bit of pucker factor when doing it in KSP.

So a two day after a virtually flawless Demo 2 flight SpaceX is back with this amazing hop of first Starship prototype.

One small step for man, one giant leap for grain silos everywhere.