What's happening in space (that's interesting)


That was great thanks for linking.


Any of our Florida residents hear the sonic boom from the reentering X-37B?


Yep. We heard it. The neighborhood Facebook page was full of it. People asking if it was a terrorist attack. How would we know? Call the police. Ask them.

When the shuttle would land they warned people ahead of time. This was a big secret, so screw the people.


I hope the mysterious two year mission will be declassified in my lifetime. Maybe they just wanted to see if they could leave something in orbit for a few years and bring it back down. Or maybe they launched someone decked out in VR gear and a feeding tube to see if 1) they could get the Air Force to Mars eventually and 2) to provide a worse customer experience than flying United. Zing! What’s the deal with spaceline food, am I right, folks?


They were laying a minefield for the alien invasion.


I guarantee trump will not be able to keep his mouth shut about this and will wave it around in a fit of stupidity like so many other things. The greatest threat to American intelligence is trump himself.


That’s why they didn’t tell him. Unless this story shows up Fox & Friends I doubt he will go looking either.


64 grams!


Unexpected consequences on the side of good for a change!



Interesting read, Habibi. I had missed hearing about that prior to now. Hopefully they gather some great information during this repeat of the event.


I certainly agree with the scientists–going with the “aliens” explanation should always be at the bottom of the list after any sort of physical phenomenon. But damn, it could prove extraterrestrial existence, it would be the event of my lifetime, absolute wish fulfillment.


Despite the fact that we are so microscopic in the huge, vast Universe, why do we not believe that aliens exists? I wouldn’t put that possibility at the bottom of the list. Middle of the list maybe but we have to believe such possibilities are highly likely.


It’s really hard to know what prior probability we should assign to aliens. Sure the universe is huge but there are so many unknowns. What’s the probability of life forming from scratch? Of complex life?

I have the same hunch that the odds should favor aliens out there somewhere at some point in the past. Still I’d want to go pretty damn far before chalking it up to aliens, or we might end up using aliens to explain everything in the sky that we don’t understand.


Half the population does that already.


I for one believe that other life exists, but for a super structure to be so large as it would completely block out a sun’s brightness, to be 5-10x over Jupiter in size, that is something that I’m just not going to believe in. There are way too many other credible possibilities. If a civilization was capable of building something that large, they would lack creativity and I just can’t believe in an alien life form with such a single-mindedness over millennia.


Ants are like that. Single mindedly working towards a goal. Bigger, smarter ants evolving elsewhere isn’t much of a stretch at all.

Also, it could just as easily be some sort of device they built building the mega structure. Trillions of nanobots or automated construction robots working away for decades or centuries maybe even? I dunno obviously this is all crazy speculation but is it that hard to believe given the 3d printing and other technology that we have now and adding 100-200 years to it?


Then you have the question of where did they get all that mass? Take every planet in the solar system, grind it down for 3d printing? Just too big.


Think of the limitless energy you could get from building a structure around a star like that though. Maybe they need that power. Maybe there’s a whole economy involving hundreds of other space faring races, all trading using an energy backed credit. Dyson spheres would be the 25th century’s version of an 1800’s gold mine. Especially if you’re a species that doesn’t have pesky things like morals or nostalgia, you’d have no issue grinding up otherwise useless planets to build a massive machine that prints money. :D

Hell, maybe they’re so far advanced beyond us that the whole thing is some 12 year old kid’s science fair project.


What if this mega structure is not as big as Jupiter but still big, and it’s not in the same system as the sun but much, much further out. And it’s dimming the sun from that distance. It’s not orbiting it per sw, which explains why we see this dimming in just a few months. Just hovering from that distance. Plausible?