What's happening in space (that's interesting)


That’s a fantastic video. I didn’t realize they had so many failed landings.


The war’s over, Rambo. Time to come home.


Cassini is dead. Long live Cassini!




This is one of those things that isn’t actually odd, but the events are spread out in time to the point that anything happening ‘now’ feels like it must be special. Notice in that article they say “NASA announced one [of the recent flares] was the most powerful since at least 2008.”

Then look at 2008 in the overall sunspot cycle graph and you’ll see that 2008 was a time of very low average solar activity at the end of the previous cycle. Big flares at the tail end of a cycle aren’t unusual:


Just when we thought it was over.


I picture its voice like this.


This is the image CNN has on its home page at a link to their story about Elon Musk wanting to do a Mars mission:

Mars is a lot closer to Jupiter than I realized.


And a lot wetter. Somebody has been reading Blue Mars.


Isn’t that Europa anyway?


Yeah, it’s a photo from a previous Interplantary Transit System presentation, as I recall.


The James Webb Space Telescope is now delayed until spring 2019. Now my anxiety about it can last even longer. It’s a few more months for me to worry that it’ll blow up on the launch pad or fail to enter orbit or one of a million other things.


Fuuuck. I’m pretty excited for that thing.


Love watching what SpaceX is doing. Causing major upheavals in the launcher business. Very exciting presentation. Still is crazy ambitious and I don’t think SpaceX can do all that alone. Any real attempt at colonizing Mars will need to be a large scale international effort. Like the ISS was but an order magnitude larger and more complex.


Here is Elon full talk on the latest update on going to Mars.

They are making amazing progress, even while they are still grappling about how to pay for it.


He’s not messing around, this is pretty much betting the entire company on this working out. And sign me up Elon, I want to ride on your Big Fabulous Rocket.


His underpants gnome joke seemed to have missed. It always makes me feel a bit more confident giving presentations when I see how other more accomplished people are just as nervous as I am.


Me too, I’m willing to pay way more than economy plus fare to ride on one.


+1 excitement and worry for JWST. I really hope the launch and deployment goes off without a hitch because if it doesn’t then I’ll have to go back to cutting. Imagine the number of exoplanets we’ll find with this thing. I bet we’ll finally have visual confirmation of Klingons around Uranus for sure.

I can’t get over it’s size (that’s what she said) It’s so damn enormous compared to HST.