What's happening in space (that's interesting)


Interesting excerpt from an astronaut’s imminent memoirs.


Japan just discovered the perfect spot to build a base on the moon - Business Insider


Knowing them, it will probably be the only spot where moonquakes are still happening on the sleeping astre.

I had no idea there were caves on the moon.


SpaceX has also invested significant amounts of its own funds into its new Raptor engine, which has a sea-level thrust of 380,000 pounds. But this engine has yet to undergo full-scale testing. Meanwhile, Blue Origin’s BE-4 engine is more powerful, at 550,000 pounds of thrust—it is in fact the most powerful US rocket engine developed since Rocketdyne built the RS-68 engine two decades ago.


82 year old retired aeronautical engineer who managed the program that made the corrective optics for the HST.


Well, I think @ArmandoPenblade needs to see that.


Since Armando is coming now I suppose I’ll link this breath of fresh air featuring an octogenarian:


As for space stuff… ummm, how about that, um, night sky?


You were not wrong!


Here is a story of an interstellar comet…wait, the article changed its mind halfway through…an interstellar asteroid.


Until someone can prove otherwise, I choose to believe this was an alien scout ship sent to find our weaknesses before they invade.


A strange object from outside our solar system just zoomed past the sun - Popular Science

Same story, just a more exciting headlines


There are! And there’s a mission proposal to send a spelunking, rappelling robot down into one of them. @ChristienMurawski can tell you more about that because he got to interview one of the scientists involved.


We’re waiting. :)


I watched The Farthest this afternoon. I think it’s things like this that are the only things keeping me from wishing that everybody would just fucking launch the bombs already, and scrub this poor planet of its miserable infestation of humans.

Sometimes, we overdeveloped mandrills just fucking nail it


Orbital ATK launched a supply rocket from Virginia yesterday.



Here’s another potential tourist trap, and it’s already coming closer to us:

What would it be like living on a planet with a “year” of 9.9 days?




They included Pluto!