What's happening in space (that's interesting)


Alternative artist’s impression:


Missed! Load the asteroid gun again!


The probe confirms organic resources found on the 3rd planet from the star. Harvesters have been dispatched.


When has a giant space coffin ever caused any harm?


It depends on whether you consider the events in Lifeforce to be disastrous or totally worth it.


That depends upon whether I’m watching it on Netflix or living it in real life.



New pictures of Jupiter!


The Juno spacecraft captured this image when the spacecraft was only 11,747 miles (18,906 kilometers) from the tops of Jupiter’s clouds — that’s roughly as far as the distance between New York City and Perth, Australia.

Home town call out on NASA!


The thrusters on our adorable relic Voyager 1 still work!


Subsequent tweets reveal this is probably isn’t a joke, and it is the first generation Tesla Roadster, not the new one.

Elon is not your normal CEO.


I don’t know, the tesla only weighs 3,000 lbs. That’s only 1/10 the mass of the lunar module. Not sure what he is trying to prove? Or is he filling it with concrete?


Just marketing, dude.


I bet there’s a body in the trunk.


Wow that’s pic isn’t false color? Blue isn’t what I normally associate with Jupiter.


They aren’t going to put anything valuable like a real satilite on it as this is the first ever launch of the FH and Elon himself said it could very well fail. So he’s doing this gimmick instead.


And the eventual destination is mars orbit which is as good as exploded. Except for of course marketing aimed at NASA.


He’s just a fan of that Star Trek where they find a car floating in space and it cranks right up.


Or maybe…