What's happening in space (that's interesting)


I’ve been following this with family as we used to have a place in Cloudcroft. There is a ridge of around 9,000’ that runs from Cloudcroft south for miles (Cloudcroft has the lowest latitude skiing in the country, although it’s basically for local use only as it only is skiiable a few weeks a year at best, and that’s becoming far less frequent with global warming). Actually a nice road to drive on. Subspot is down that road about 12 miles.

It’s a lot like the McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, TX, in that it’s pretty low tech and not cutting edge, and out in the middle of nowhere, so it’s always been more or less accessible to the public, and over the place is a feeling that nothing particularly exciting is going on. Sort of like visiting a fire tower.

There’s clearly something missing from the story; my intuition is that there was some kind of interpersonal drama but the culprit was anonymous, something like that.

OTOH, they probably noticed the sun is dying and don’t want us to know.


Awww man McDonald isn’t THAT low-tech. It’s no Mauna Kea but I love it there. Haven’t been in awhile.

— Alan


From Night Gallery: “Herbie is a very special boy. He has the ability to predict the near future. During the taping of a show where he advises the public of his predictions, he repeatedly insists he must go home. The studio heads talk him out of leaving, but Herbie remains uneasy. He tells his audience that tomorrow is going to be the beginning of a new and different world. Human beings are going to live as they were meant to live. Has he told the truth, or is he sparing mankind from the awful reality?”


The theory I heard from this is that people working there found some spy equipment on the tower and called the FBI. Supposedly it would be a good site from which to monitor local military bases. Such a theory would seem to fit most of the facts.


That… would make a certain amount of sense.

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Elon announcing who will be the first private astronaut going to the moon on the BFR


Amazingly cool. Yusaku Maezawa is Japanese entrepreneur https://zozo.com/us/en. He bought every seat on the BFR and in 2023 he is going to take 6-8 artist with him to go around the moon and create art.

#dearMoon is the name of the project.


[Ice volcanos](Dozens of Ice Volcanoes Discovered on Nearby Dwarf Planet - National Geographic https://apple.news/ALAKOZo_VSHWmNm638oJmGQ) are a thing.


So apparently the Solar Observatory was closed because, according to a search warrant, the wireless system was used by a janitor to send and receive child porn. The janitor had, prior to the closure, but secretly discovered and (it’s a bit of an involved story) had made some vague threatening statements which eventually caused the closure of the facility. It should re-open on Monday.

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Or so they would have us believe.


Seriously. WAKE UP, SHEEPLE.


Ironically, astronomy and physics were two of the big drivers of the development of the WWW and early Internet.

Back in the old days, astronomy was sitting at a big telescope in the middle of nowhere. But then in the 70s, you still built the telescope in the middle of nowhere, but you didn’t have to sit at them all night anymore. The telescope could be in Hawaii and you could be in NY.

Scientists suddenly needed a way to network giant telescopes and share large amounts of data. Little wonder why CERN was where the web was developed


Please let the sheeple sleep. Every time you wake them up they have to count each other to get back to sleep. The sound is… unnerving.


and porn


fixed that for you

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Umm, what? I’m pretty sure that is not a driver, unless you’re talking things like the darknet hives of scum. But the web at large, eww. No.


Twitter is mostly garbage – anger, politics and self-promotion. But there are moments of greatness, like this one from an astrophysicist channeling Carl Sagan:

Hell of a read.


oh that’s beautiful. Thanks. That started off my day realy nicely :D


The Japanese Space agency has landed two mini rovers on the asteroid Ryugu and shared photos.

Apparently this is not their first asteroid landing.


Even their space photos look like JRPGs!

Seriously though, it’s amazing the asteroid has enough gravity for these maneuvers at all. Laudible piloting/calculating!


My interpretation of this in MSPAINT: