What's happening in space (that's interesting)



Do you have the 4.5 or 6?


We bought ours in 2007. Diameter is 113 mm, so ~4.5 inches. I don’t recall if it had a 6" option at that time.

Unit is really easy for little kids to use, my oldest was 7 at the time and my middle son was 4, and I recall them both using it, with the 7 yr old being the boss :)



The budget scope (AWB) on that list is tremendous, picked one up for my 5yo’s birthday. Amazing value for money for a curious beginner’s scope.


I was really looking for a budget telescope so the AWB would make the most sense. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Canada.



Woohoo, that’s 0.000228825223% the speed of light! We’ll be colonizing the rest of the galaxy in no time.


I imagine the probe rushing by the sun going ‘Ooo hot hot hot hot!’. No wonder it was so fast.


During its final 5 perihelion approaches, after its 7th Venus flyby in November of 2024, it will be going about 430,000 mph. When the probe passes the sun for the first time in about a week, it will be half of the distance of Mercury’s closest approach. During its final flybys, it will be about 8x closer than Mercury ever gets.


Anyone following the OSIRIS-REx mission to bring back a sample from an asteroid? Pretty cool stuff.


It looks like a d10.


This isn’t recent or anything, but it’s always worth a minute to look at some of the great photos taken of Earth from space.


Because the station completes each trip around the globe in about 92 minutes, the crew experiences 16 sunrises and sunsets each day.



If he were on the ISS, his post would be deleted in just 92 minutes.


God does not play dice.


I thought that was only about the universe. I figured he’d enjoy an occasional game of craps.


God developed a serious case of gambling addiction during his days of playing MtG. Now he has to stay away from chance-based games to ensure he does not relapse.


Planetary Resources is, hilariously, pivoting to the blockchain, with possibly the greatest cryptobabble quote of all time.


A great example of how to say nothing with as many empty buzzwords as possible. I would love to see a concrete example of how “deep space capabilities” contribute to the “ConsenSys ecosystem.”