What's happening in space (that's interesting)


If movies and futuristic TV shows have taught me anything, this is the end of times. Flocks of robot drones will destroy us all.

Though they are quite cool to look at.


This just came out of nowhere! I need to get plugged back in.

I’d have more sympathy at the SpaceX concerns if we still had a public launch programme.


Insight is landing on Mars today at 3PM EST. Needless to say, going from 3.4 miles per second to a soft landing is tricky.


Where can we watch this?



less than one hour to go. Here’s my boarding pass:


It’s going down. All the best of luck!


First Mars mission I’ve followed this closely. It’s terrifying 🙂




Supersonic chute deployed.




My boss just ran downstairs shouting “Insight landed!” I had no idea he was into space stuff. I’ve never seen him that excited.


First image - of the Martian horizon with the dust cap still on


Damn I keep missing these events! I should have placed a reminder on my phone.


Guess they got the dust cover off!





That is awesome and i even have mars rover pics of Mars on my wall. What a view!


It’s nifty and all that, but we have been doing it since the 1970s…


I meant the view of the rocket! Of course the mars picture is amazing as well.