What's happening in space (that's interesting)


Pluto flyby happened in 2015, man. Yeah, I know. Seems like yesterday to me, too


I wonder what flat-earthers say when you ask them why the stars visible from the southern hemisphere are different from the ones in the north? Is the sky in on the conspiracy too?


I honestly think the flat earthers are of two groups. One of them it’s just a game since no one can be that dumb. The other group are the grifters. They’re using the flat earth baloney to make money off the turds who watch and want to buy into the idiocy.

Same as Qanon. The people leading that movement are doing it to make money. It’s a cult by any metric, but now they’re selling apps and merchandise.


This is cool, and as the video plays on and absorb the movement, it suddenly dawns on me the movement is reminiscent of something else but on an entirely difference scale: the movement of bits in the cytoplasm in cells.


I don’t think there are a lot of Flat Earthers who actually believe the Earth is flat. It’s more about them and other groups like them making noise about being mistreated, lied to, ignored, etc. by “mainstream” society. The signal-to-noise ratio doesn’t really matter. (There is no signal, or rather the noise is the signal.) Just know that they are angry. And know that one of their kindred became POTUS.


And these are just dumb people who think they’re smart (SciManDan has fun with them).


Lack of education is probably an issue. So is mental illness. But I’m not sure if they are innately less bright than other people of the same age.


Well, education is as much about training the mind as it is about accumulating facts. So never mind, maybe.


These people are willing to throw away common understandings of the laws of physics, propagation of light, and gravity. Why would they have trouble explaining away part of the night sky that most of them will never see?


You can’t fight these people with truth.


“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”



Was reading year in review in space and they brought up the Tesla launched by the Falcon Heavy. What I’m wondering is how in the world did they balance that thing? While most satellites are designed to be rather symmetric making it easier on the rocket gimbals, well a Tesla - that’s all kinds of uneven mass distribution.


Good question - I wouldn’t be shocked if it wasn’t much of the original Tesla underneath. Pull out the engine and other guts and you can fill it with whatever.


Couple of exciting things happening today 👉


Seems excessive to send another satellite out there just to snap that picture of New Horizons flying by a rock.




At the weekend, Chinese state media said the probe had entered an elliptical path around the Moon, bringing the vehicles to within 15km (9 miles) of the lunar surface at its closest point.

Authorities have not specified the exact time of the attempt to touch down in the Von Kármán crater. But a report in the state-run China Daily newspaper suggests Chang’e-4 could begin descending on its thrusters sometime from 2-3 January.


I hope they get good science from this. As cool as the further solar objects are, there is still much to learn about the moon.


Also, this.