What's In the Box - Weird Viral Video

So the interenets are abuzz about this little viral video:

It’s all in first person and cribs sound effects and ideas from Half-Life (there’s also mention of Black Mesa on one of the Computer Brain Interface scrollers) The music I think is stolen from the Lost soundtrack.

It’s very well done, some people think that it must be Valve related, and I doubt that. This doesn’t seem their style. And if it were them you’d think the “combine” in the video would be dressed right.

Seems like this belongs in games due to the ties to HL2, wouldn’t know where else to put it otherwise.

I saw this yesterday, and it might be a viral. It looks amateurish in places, yet they still have a street full of empty cars and even a bus to play around with which takes some resources. It’s made in Holland so that might increase the chance of it being an honest-to-god amateur production. Amateurs normally leave much more information though, being so proud of their product and all.

The plot thickens.

Impressive, but I see no reason in believing that this isn’t a student or other amateur project.
The main reason people think it’s professional or viral seems to be the road and the cars, but the one with the cars strewn about is clearly industrial. I’m no filmaker, but I could find a lesser traficked industrial road and make deals with the companies to close it off for short amounts of time – I would also know where to borrow the cars. Note that they’re all intact, not wrecks. The bus is a bit more impressive, but I’m sure a sweettallking student filmmaker could borrow public transportation for a few hours.
The other road is clearly a very quiet residential street – again closing it off would be easy. The cars are actually mostly parked in those scenes, so perhaps they just stopped filming, when somebody wanted to pass the set.

Note the amateurish acting and uniforms of the troops. Note how they use no pyrotechnics, just CGI and a few debris. Note how the city, clothing and vehicles are everyday with the only futuristic bit beineg the CGI lcd-displays and the tower in the background.

It’s very well done, but clearly made by amateurs.

My guess is that they shot it very early in the morning. That’s how I’d done it.

The site:

Looks like a movie?

Samsung D600, is what caught my attention. My guess would be, they have a new touchscreen iPhone wannabe in the works. (The Sony and LG phones are thrown away immediately, yet two Samsung models have extended scenes.)

The men in white suits might be a reference to the Bijlmer disaster in '92, when an Israeli cargo plane officially filled with flowers and cigarette lighters (hard to tell, since Israeli airplanes are free to visit Schiphol without divulging anything about their cargo) crashed in a residential area, and unsubstantiated stories mentioned men in white suits being first at the scene and keeping people away.


I thought it was amazing.

I agree with Hanzii - this is a fan project. The music is really what tips it; some of it (Jurassic Park, LOST) would have been very expensive or impossible to license.

I’d love to know how they managed to get that bus, though.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s head.

Well, if it isn’t a student film, and it is filmed in holland, and it is for a video game.

has to be one of these companies right?

Streamline Studios

Seems likely, they do outsourcing work, so some other games company could have set them up to film over there, while doing some work on an upcoming game.

Guerilla Games

The only other big-time games studio in Holland, but I feel this is unlikely. KZ2 just came out, and they use some HL2 sound effects. I don’t think valve would like a competing company using their material.

My guess… It is a fan made movie.