What's in your stocking? It's the 15th Annual QT3 Secret Santa Gift Exchange

In like that thing that indicates you are really in!

I’m in!

The rule is now you have to give all the participants a nice cutting board. You should probably get to work with that band saw.

I’m in, of course!

Meeeeeee. But I’ve already had legendary Vesper as my gift giver.

Cutting boards also rule. I have two very nice ones already but for those who do not that is a very thoughtful and daily useful gift.

I’m in!

The best things are measured in inches, and priced accordingly.


Oh man, that gives me a great idea. First, I would need to…

Nevermind, it’s illegal.

I missed the opportunity to tag @John_Many_Jars … bummer

Let the stalking begin!

Wait was a list sent out already?

No, but we are all stalking you. Don’t look out the window.

One of these would be fine, though I don’t know where I’d put it. Do you think it would be fine in the yard over the winter?

It depends - you might need to laminate the poster before putting it over the walls first.

Oops! I have been informed that Secret Santa is usually played from the Games forum. @tomchick - can you move this topic over there?

Too rich for my blood. Here’s my sole wish list:

Well, I don’t actually even want a Pagani, because, well, it’s kind of silly!

That must be telephoto lens of some sort? Or a funky megaphone!

It’s like an ear trumpet for your camera’s eye.