What's involved with RMA-ing an eVGA video card?

This stupid 8800GT is glitching on Fallout 3 now, and not at high temps, either (just 54C), as monitored with RivaTuner. The text overlay on screen just becomes unrecognizable blocks. It’s done this in Mount and blade, too. Super annoying.

The card is less than a year old, and if I remember right eVGA cards come with a lifetime warranty, right?


… so what’s wrong with your 8800gt? I’ve got one and I think it’s the reason for my complete system lockups.

What’s happening is that I’ll be playing (hell, just now, I was in the F’ing menu screens of Fallout 3) and suddenly everything will freeze up for 2 or 3 seconds, then when things unfreeze the text items in the menu are just a blocky unreadable mess, making all game text that isn’t just an art asset completely useless. For instance in Mount and Blade, the status messages in battles, or the messages that appear as you approach someone in the town, like Village Elder or Guild Master or Lord Such and Such.

I sent in my 7900GT sometime last year and got an 8800GTS back. It was very painless and only took a few days.

OK, so the first suggestion from the tech support guy is that I check the power supply and its operation. Pretty certain that an Antec Earthwatts 500 is sufficient, and that it’s working fine, but I’ll humor him and check.

I didn’t have a card fail, but in terms of positive customer service experience, I just had one with EVGA, fwiw.

Recently bought an EVGA 2080 Super, which came with a key for the new Modern Warfare, Their redemption page would not let me request a key, however, after successfully registering my card and serial. Logged an ticket via their website and the issue was resolved within 3 hours.

Wow, that’s a hell of a thread necro, buddy! My experience returning the (now venerable) 8800GT was also positive, although the replacement card ran hotter than the previous one, which I was less than happy about at the time.
Since that card, I’ve had:
a 560 Ti (bought for Skyrim)
a 670
a 970 with the weird VRAM configuration, bought in 2015
and my current card is a 1080 (which our own Scott Lufkin sold me for a more than reasonable price in October 2017 during the height of the cryptocurrency-fuelled card price bubble).