What's more annoying than one goose in Untitled Goose Game? Two geese!

What’s more annoying than one goose in Untitled Goose Game? Two geese! A two-player cooperative mode is coming to Untitled Goose Game. Developer House House has announced that a free update for all platforms will launch on September 23rd featuring double goose trouble. It’s not quite a gaggle, but you’ll be able to do all the jerky goose things you did before, but with a jerky buddy to help out. Two times the honking, flapping, and stealing. Wreak havoc on the countryside. The game will also be coming to Steam and itch.io on the same date.

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Is this the sequel to Mixed Up Mother Goose?

My wife does not like video games. But I made her try this with co-op with me and she got hooked! As soon as we finished she wanted to start on the extra objectives, so this is definitely a win overall.

As far as the game itself goes, I was a little disappointed that it doesn’t add anything except a second goose. No new co-op related objectives, levels, or anything like that. The experience isn’t even that well tuned for two players, because it’s pretty easy to accidentally screw each other up if you’re not staying together—the screen zooms out to keep you both visible to a point, and from there you’re both just kind of stuck unless you’re moving back toward each other. That’s led to some blown cover as someone’s trying to escape detection and the other goose is just a little too far away to allow you to make it around the wall or obstacle or whatever you’re trying to navigate.

But it’s still got the same lovely charm, so I didn’t mind playing the same game again alongside my wife and enjoying her enthusiasm.