What's on the horizon for the 360 in 2006?

I don’t need the rest of 2006 to get excited. The games coming in the next month have me pumped and should last me through summer:

Burnout Revenge (repurchase? I loved the Xbox version)
The Outfit
Top Spin 2

In collaboration with John Woo? Does it involve rescuing babies?

Supposedly Armored Core 4 is in the works but I haven’t seen any updates on it since last year. I’ve been praying for a high-res online capable version of this series from the moment I layed hands on it. Also looking foward to ChromeHounds

I really really wanted to like the Armored Core games. The only enjoyment I got out of the ones I played was from the mech building.

I see five titles on the list that I really want. Not bad at all.

Looking up Lost Planet, I find this description:

In Lost Planet, you will take up the role of a beleaguered amnesiac, thrust into a war between man and alien.

Ah, amnesia! Watch out, crates, your reign as king of game design crutches may be coming to an end!

Jason, got any links to Crimson Skies speculation? That would be a must buy, IMO.

I’m very much looking forward to Ninety-Nine Nights.

Crimson Skies speculation comes from the same totally unreliable, unfounded game fan speculation all the other stuff does. I could dig up some links, but it would be idle forum stuff no more reliable than any of the speculation here on QT3. MS hasn’t announced, hinted at, or released any assets from Shadowrun, Crimson Skies 2, Killer Instinct, or Forza Motorsport 2. Those are just IPs they own that many think they’d be nuts not to capitalize on, and it’s well known that Rare is working on at least 2 more games right now, FASA Studios is working on a couple, and there are other internal MGS games in development.

File it under the same heading as “Jade Empire 2” and “Fable 2.” Kind of assumed that there must be sequels coming, but nobody has announced a single thing. All we know is that there are development teams working hard on…things.

Ninja Gaiden was the best action game of last generation. And then there is phantom dust, the best game nobody played.

I had wondered if they still owned the IP…

Shadowrun is definitely in development for 360. An ex FASA guy who posts on a Battletech forum I moderate left a year ago and has said as much. It’s being done as a shooter/action game though (call me crazy but I don’t think thats going to go down to well with that fanbase).

BTW, if another Crimson Skies were to be made it’d be #3 (Original was a PC only title)


I don’t believe you when you say that you don’t believe me. :)

It definitely involves shooting up birdcage-friendly teahouses. Haven’t seen any babies, but I wouldn’t rule them out, either.

Ah, those are pretty much the same few comments I’ve seen, and it seems like americans (some living in Japan) playing the demo. I don’t really see much in the way of “the Japanese think this sucks.”

The negative comments seem like fixable things: some frame rate issues, animation issues, and the gameplay seems pretty simple (you would hope the deeper aspects would be apparent in the full game and not just an updated version of that one level from TGS). It all depends on how old the code in that demo really is, and how much time they have to work on things before release.

I get the feeling it’ll be a “decent” game upon release, probably scoring in the 7-8 range in Famitsu. Not what MS is hoping for.

Good thing that isn’t what Dave said. What he said was:

“People in Japan who have played the demo” = “americans (some living in Japan) playing the demo”.

Well, I guess I just misunderstood him then. Obviously “people in Japan” could be anyone (Germans!), but when I read it it sounded like he was saying the Japanese gamers don’t dig it.

I’m aware of the 2 or 3 westerners in Japan generating forum traffic with their opinions on the demo (a lot of the forum traffic is the same 2 or 3 people, or people regurgitating what they said).

Kitsune, what’s the word on the street for N3 in Japan? Kitsune? You there?

The word on the street is that you should consider the source and the opinion of hardcore Japanese gamers is almost always whiny, unrealistic and ridiculous. Be very careful with any kind of info you get from them.

Ninety Nine Nights seems to share the same qualities and drawbacks that draw people to games like Drag-on Dragoon, Dynasty Warriors and Sengoku Basara. Whether, because its on the Xbox 360, it will prosper or not, I don’t know, but it is getting quite a lot of attention from the media.

I highly doubt any normal Japanese gamer is going to complain about repetition and framerate drops in beat em ups. In fact, I highly doubt many a Japanese gamer even care (or know) about framerates most of the time.

As such, I don’t think N3 is getting rave, rave, megahit-type impressions, but it isn’t getting completely dumped on either. Seems like overall people like it.


Getting back to the original question, the official Xbox magazine this month has a 2006 preview for whoever is interested. Games range from very interesting (a GTA/Superhero/Superagent game) to the expected (lots o’ shooters).

That would be awesome. I love the GTA design concept, but have grown so weary of the theme that I didn’t even bother playing San Andreas. But man, that sort of setup could make for a freakin’ fantastic superhero game.

If you’re talking about Crackdown, it definitely looks interesting to me from what I read in that preview too.

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to Crackdown.