What's the best class in Battlefield 1942?

What you say?!


Assault. Without question.

Engineers are better on some maps than others. They make great tank defenses on maps with restricted movement. On wide open maps, a good tank driver can avoid all their mines, and kill them before they get even remotely close enough for a explosives attack. Anti-tank kits make a much better tank killer on those maps, because they can attack armor at range.

There isn’t a single map in the game in which the Assault kit is a bad pick, though. If I had to pick one kit to be my one and only kit from now on, I’d choose the Assault kit.

Ah, Wumpus, Wumpus, Wumpus… Always the wannabe.

The FUNNY poll would have been one that listed every class EXCEPT the Engineer. Then you’d just imagine certain users with steam blowing out of their ears as they examined the list to vote.

See other thread. The BAR is lethal and the Stg holds many rounds. I’m liking the Medic’s cute little machine gun too.

I really wish that the game had an option to turn off all records of how many kills and deaths each player had. I’d like to play on a server where the only stat kept track of is each team’s ticket amount. Then, I think, everyone would want to play as a real team.

As it is, I almost always play the Assault class cuz I’m addicted to trying to be first on the kill/death list. I couldn’t give a crap about which team won.

I know, it’s my fault. I need a server which doesn’t keep track. It’s the only way I’ll overcome my ego. And I bet a lot of others would say the same.

  • Dave

Well Dave, you can do both.
I’ve led the kill list as an anti-tank guy and I know Snipers who do it too. I’m all about rushing in and taking spawn points too. I hate the non-team players who fly around like idiots.

liking the Medic’s cute little machine gun too.

Cute? What is it, standard 1940’s Hello Kitty issue?

Engineers rock!

Also, I agree with the whole kill count thing. BAR and STG are far too lethal at LONG ranges anyway. I don’t mind SOME accuracy at mid-range and dangerous accuracy at close, but getting sniped by an assault class character = the dumb.

Why? In Real Life Combat ™, standard assault rifles such as the BAR (or contemporary counterparts such as the M16) are very effective long range weapons. Still, the sniper rifle has a longer range, and even at relatively close distances, the scope makes aimed shots much easier to take. Individual shots also do more damage. I think it’s balanced just fine. In fact, I think if they had made the sniper rifle more effective or easier to use than it is, it would probably unbalance the game.

Fans of the over-powered BAR and STG will no doubt support the thing. I am mostly supporting class seperation. Im talking barely seeing the guy at the fog line and he gets 3 rapid shots and bam, dead.

Sniper and Engineer rifles actually require a person to AIM that power correctly by judging distance and movement, while the assault rifles allow rapid fire and fairly accurate without effort shots.

Im sure you’ll fire back with some stuff, but that’s just how I feel about it.

The balance might seem better if there were more feedback about where your shots were landing. With most of the small arms, I feel like I just shoot in the general direction of my target, and sometimes he falls down. If I knew how or why I was missing or hitting, I could adjust my playing style appropriately. Right now, I can’t do that. It seems like they have tried to balance the weapons but they haven’t hit the balance yet.

Yeah, the only indication i’ve got a hit is that my target looks like he has gas or something.

Another vote for assault rifles being too accurate at long range.

Me too. They’re stupidly effective.

I don’t think so Ben. In WWII terms only the M1 was that effective. The BAR was built for close combat. I can hit and kill at sniper ranges with patient use of the BAR. Really, half-way across the map kind of stuff. It’s kinda silly really. An M1, I could buy that, but not a BAR.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s realistic or not. It’s unbalancing and should be changed.

So, what then? The BAR should do less damage after n feet? Or would you suggest doing what Counter-Strike did to the SAW?

Im thinking widening the spread at N feet, As it is it is far too easy to send an extremely focused group of bullets long range with great accuracy.

Damage should only be affected by distance if it affects all the guns. A bullet is a bullet.

Day of Defeat balances the BAR/StG very well against the SMGs and the rifles. It uses a cone of accuracy combined with greater or lesser recoil effects, and the recoil effects lessen when you are crouched or prone. You can get kills at long range with a combination of trigger control, careful aim, and luck. If you get into a prolonged long-range battle, you will lose out to the riflemen and snipers. At short range, your lesser rate of fire can be a liability against the SMGs.