What's the best mystery series (that I can watch right now)?

So we’ve moved on from Inspector Morse and have now begun Lewis, the follow-up show with an older DI Lewis, and so far it’s great. I kinda wish they wouldn’t have made his story tragic, as part of the joy of Lewis in the Morse show was how happy he was much of the time. A few episodes in and they’re leaning back more in that lighter direction, so we’re hopefully they won’t dwell on his tragedy TOO much.

When you get done with that, the prequel Endeavor is good. Shaun Evans, Anton Lesser and Roger Allum are all brilliant.

Unless you started there - I can’t keep track :)

Hah yeah we started basically with Endeavour. Loved it. Then we watched several Morse episodes using a best-of list, and now we’ve moved onto Lewis.

So we just watched the first episode of Mrs. Sidhu Investigates, which is on Acorn here in the States, and my goodness that was a delight. Fun, funny and charming, definitely worth checking out if you can.

Just finished Hidden Assets on Acorn. Pretty good police procedural split between Ireland and Antwerp about a terrorist plot. Good acting and a decent script not TOO laden with cop show cliches.
6 episodes.

Oh good one, thanks for the tip!

We finally started Deadloch yesterday, thank y’all for the recommendation on that one. First episode was terrific so we can’t wait to see more.

Okay you guys, Deadloch is FUCKING AMAZING and y’all need to see it.

Halfway through episode 2 right now, and its pretty nuts! Definitely a fun & new(ish) twist on the format.

I stopped watching about a half-hour or so after “out of town detective who is a nutjob” showed up. I could have enjoyed “detectives try to do their job in a small town where everyone knows everyone which leads to hilarity after a murder”, but I just bounced right off after that.

That’s a shame. She’s like sandpaper when she first shows up but she becomes awesome as the show goes on.

I must admit I nearly [TV equivalent of ragequit] when the new detective cleared the whiteboard, but powered through it and I’m really enjoying it so far. Great recommendation @BrianRubin ! (edit: apologies, and @marxeil !)

To be fair, if was @marxeil who originally brought it up!

Thank you!