What's the best mystery series (that I can watch right now)?

Holy shit, Prime Suspect 3 is stacked. Peter Capaldi. Ciaran Hinds. Mark Strong. David Thewlis. All of them disgustingly young.

Oh, wow. Prime Suspect 4 has an 18-year-old Kelly Reilly.

Well, we just finished The Chelsea Detective, and it was so good. Well-written, funny, with great mysteries and great characters. It’s nice to see Adrian Scarborough get his own show, he knocks it out of the park.

Prime Suspect is so damn good. I haven’t watched these in 30 years. But it reminds me of something about directors saying that cell phones have ruined movies, and not in the way you’re thinking. But so many classic stories in the past would have been completely avoided if everyone had a cellphone.

Like, it is weird watching a detective show set in London where there isn’t CCTV all over the city. Hell, it’s not even on the horizon. And so many of these cases would have been over in an hour if they happened today.

Prime Suspect 5. Aka, they saddle Jane with the most unfortunate haircut.

Also, the first shot of the street gang is pure Naked Gun.

Prime Suspect 5 is by far the weakest thus far. Mainly because I can’t take the street thugs seriously at all. I busted out laughing the first time I saw them. They’re like what a 1980’s grandma thought a street gang looked like. I also can’t understand what half the detectives are saying because they transplanted the series to Manchester and they really lay into that dialect.

I’m really enjoying this play-by-play, Woolen, keep it up.

On our end, we’ve begun a Brokenwood rewatch. Loving it.

Based on the watching only the first two seasons (a few years ago, not when they first came out), I get the feeling they were all made by people who regard anyone outside the limits of polite middle class society as strange, often sinister goblins.

I haven’t seen a mention of The Capture. yet. Amazing high paced, brainy show with a fresh take, starring Holliday Grainger as a career focused detective. Also Ron Perlman. Season 2 just got available in the Netherlands.

Ohhh. Thanks for the tip!

Somehow I missed this before, but we watched it this week and both thoroughly enjoyed it. They don’t manage to stick the landing — it’s funny in a way, but ultimately quite silly — but the journey is great, the principal characters are well-played and it’s a treat to watch Clive Owen give you his version of Bogart. I would definitely watch another season of Monsieur Spade.

Prime Suspect 6. The series returns to London. Mark Strong is back. And hello to the great Robert Pugh! And, wait, who is this? A young Liam Cunningham?!?! And directed by Tom Hooper, who most recently directed (checks notes) Cats. Yes, that Cats.

It looks like CCTV is finally making its appearance, but in the form of VHS tapes. Fun, fun, fun going through all those.

Prime Suspect 6 is an amazing rebound from 5. The best of them yet. It’s predictable and surprising at the same time. Bravo.

Omg yes!