What's the best way to play Ultima Underworld these days?

GoG was running a sale for some games over the weekend so I ended up buying UU1+2 and System Shock Enhanced Edition. I’ve done some quick googling and found the Ultima Unity project which seems to be getting high praise and introduces some QoL features to the base game.

However, seeing as I have no experience with vanilla version I’m curious what is the “best” way to approach the series in this day and age.

Dunno but I plan to play the GoG version which I bought a while back. I’m generally eased with their DosBox installers.

Be warned that by default, UU1 doesn’t have mouselook. You can get a mod just for that, but I assume this Unity project includes stuff like that as well.

So the base game works like a grid based dungeon crawler? I think I’d be quite ok with that actually.

You can move with the keyboard, but it’s not grid-based, it’s free-roam. You can also use the mouse, as you move it around the view the cursor changes to different directional arrows depending on context, and you click to move in that direction. It takes a little getting used to, but when I played it three years ago I tended to use that method because it was more precise.

System Shock used the same method, if you’ve played the original without mouselook.

UU was the last game pre-Oculus Rift to give me a case of serious nausea.

Unrelated, but funny.

Ultima Online had a complex virtual ecology system, with herbivores and predators that killed each other and kept things in balance, but this was broken immediately upon release because the players just mindlessly murdered literally everything on the surface of the world.