What's the Biggest Katamari you've made?

Stupidest damned game, addictive as hell, with a soundtrack that runs through my mind as I sleep…

Unlike so many games, this one never plays quite the same way twice in a row. The dynamics are such that there is always something new to try or discover…We Love Katamari’s Largest/Fastest option also keeps things fresh for me.

In KD, the original, my largest is 778m, but in We Love Katamari, I hit a personal best last night with 1,334.6 M…Super WOOT!

Now, if I could just break 2.5 meters in the Underwater scenario… :\


Oh man, only 2.4 meters more and you could truly call yourself 1337

We expected it to be bigger.

This thread just sounds kinky to me.

I sniff haughtily at your piddling katamari. My personal best is just a hair shy of 4000m. My wife, who is like a katamari savant or something, has managed to roll up the King himself.

Holy shit, is this possible? I should send you my Save thing and have her beat the game for me. I can’t get past the 8th level or something =(

Jeesus, I forget. I’m guessing 2.5k I know you need much more to roll up the king.

Oh, it possible alright. The secret is a combination of total dedication and, I suspect, not having any bothersome children to break your concentration.

But seriously, there’s a couple of things to keep in mind if you’re trying to be all that you can be on the final We Love Katamari level:

  1. The speed boost move is your friend. Whenever there is an empty space with nothing roll-upable, or whenever there’s a straight line of stuff to pick up, use the speed boost. This becomes critical when you get to approximately island-size, because otherwise you spend way too much time trying to plow through water. We Love Katamari, not coincidentally, makes the speed move a lot easier to pull off than in the first one.

  2. Learn the level. There are certain paths through the last stage that allow you to be constantly growing, which is really the key. If you get stuck for too long in an area where stuff is either too small to really count, or too big for you to pick up, then you’re pretty much boned. You always have to be growing at a steady pace to get to the 3K and above sizes.

  3. Once you get really big, go for the clouds. Clouds are awesome, and on the last level there’s a floating city hidden in a cloud mass that’s almost impossible to notice normally until you roll through it. This gives you much needed mass just when you need it the most.

i use the “infinite” mode on the original KD

of course I got that -after- i hit my personal best of 900+m

Damm, you guys are going to make me load up We Love Katamari to get an accurate score. I remember my best on the final level was enough to roll the king and queen up.

I’m somewhere in the mid-3,000M range. And yeah, for the final level, abuse turbo like a madman. It’s the only way you can roll up the Royal Family.

I think you need to break the 3,000M mark to roll up the King, and probably somewhere in the low 2,000M range for the Queen.

How about in 2d?

I was completely bummed that this thread did not contain impressively large katamari screenshots.

Lets just say I had to call the plumber.

Hmmm. I may have to buy We Love now, not just rent it.