What's the deal with Firefly?

This is the real reason Firefly didn’t get picked up anywhere else, it was just too expensive. Joss talked to everyone who would listen when the show was cancelled, including Sci-Fi, and nobody had the cash.

This is the real reason Firefly didn’t get picked up anywhere else, it was just too expensive. Joss talked to everyone who would listen when the show was cancelled, including Sci-Fi, and nobody had the cash.[/quote]

Not sure what this means. is this what the budget of the show would be or what he would want in payment to do it? I don’t see a problem in a the show budget as BSG has shown the Sci-fi channel will properly support a show. If its what he wants in money then well I’d say drop the ego guy and give your fans who are the ones that made you popular in the first place, a chance to see the show that they kept alive. I mean if the core audience wasn’t so faithfull I doubt this movie would ever have gotten made.

It means that two years ago Sci-Fi Channel wasn’t willing to take a risk on a million-dollar-an-episode series that had just crashed and burned on Fox. If the same situation happened now, they might take Whedon up on the offer, as they’re a much more successful station and Battlestar Galactica has proven they can support a high-budget original sci-fi show on their own.

Is Sci-Fi sharing production costs with their british cable counterpart? The first season aired there first. Also they’re producing short seasons for BSG. I’m still not sure they’d be comfortable ordering 22 episode seasons of something that expensive. FX does this with their original series, 13 episode orders. But the way DVD revenues are starting to be factored in… The system is in flux. Even NBC does replays of new episode for Law and Order: SVU on USA and Surface on Sci-Fi. Today you might be able to patch together something. First run on UPN, replay on Sci-Fi, coproduced with foreign cable networks and contingent upon DVD earnings.

I saw in the Family Guy movie thread it’s actually a combination of three episodes that will be aired. I wonder if Fox is actually testing the viability of original video productions. They couldn’t justify financing the project with no broadcast option, but wanted to see what the market would do with direct to video animation for adults.

Yeah I know that BG was quite the risk for them. Even after stellar ratings for the mini-series they wouldn’t punch on the full series until the Brits offered to pony up half the budget.

Sci Fi does a lot of joint productions. It could be that Firefly didn’t strike them as having international appeal where they could get Brit, Australian, or German financing to help out.

How many screens is it playing on?

The closest theater I can go watch it is 45 miles away and I can’t justify the drive especially with current gas prices.

It’s a shame too because I really want to watch it and I really want there to be a trilogy, but if it’s not showing locally, I guess I’ll have to wait for the DVD. :(

Same here - not at the local theater. They seemed to be promoting the heck out of it beforehand, and I could not believe it wasn’t playing locally this weekend.

Sucks to live out in the sticks. Oh well, it was good boating weather this past weekend. :D




Blue… gaaaaahhhh! Big yellow ball in sky! Pain!


About 2200 IIRC. Smaller than normal (most films get approx 3000 screens) but certainly not anything that would qualify as limited release.


I just watched Serenity, thought it was not bad. How does Firefly compare to it?

In a lot of ways, Firefly is much better only because I felt like the movie doesn’t quite stand up on its own too well. The show presents a really good story arc that the film wraps up decently, and there are a number of classic lines and moments from the series that make it worth watching.

For me personally, even though the show obviously doesn’t have all of the production values of a blockbuster movie, it’s some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever seen. Watching Serenity again after watching the show elevated my appreciation of the film even higher.

Serenity is great, but Firefly is a lot better because it has a lot more time to delve into the characters, their stories, relationships, etc. And awdougherty is right, it’s probably the best sci-fi ever to grace any screen, big or small.

They’re just different. Serenity is a great sci-fi/action movie in its own right, but it does lose some of the more in-depth characterizations from the show along with the whole “space western” feel.

A million? Really? Cuz the war segment in the first episode was so cheaply shot, I figured the show was on a much lower budget than that.

This is probably the likely answer. A similar thing happened with the Clerks cartoon on ABC. It was shown out of order, premiere date constantly changed, air dates changed, and finally canned before the final episodes could be shown. The only reason they bought the show was because other networks had interest and they wanted to keep the property out of their hands.

That was the pilot. Pilots typically have much lower budgets than subsequent episodes. Watch the Babylon 5 pilot if you don’t believe me.

I watched the pilot sometime last year based on the high praise for the series here and didn’t even end up finishing it. It felt to me like something that might have played at 1 am on the SciFi channel. Does the series get immensely better than the pilot, or am I just an idiot?


Possibly an answer to both questions, but definitely to the first; I don’t know you well enough to know for sure about the second.

At least try to watch: Out of Gas, Objects in Space, Our Mrs. Reynolds, Ariel. Those are all usually considered the best episodes. Personally I like Out of Gas the best, but I don’t know if I’d watch it before the others - it really depends on already understanding the characters to appreciate it.

interesting thing with the pilot… I actually wasn’t that thrilled with it, nor with the series as a whole, until I got to Our Mrs. Reynolds. Out Of Gas blew me away so completely that it instantly elevated my respect for the rest of the series. But before I got into it, each episode had really great moments that made me realize I was watching something more than just typical fare.

Eventually went back and rewatched the series. Then I appreciated just how good of a pilot the pilot was. Great pacing and character intros, gets so much of the plot and setting details in, and never once feels crammed. On top of that, great Firefly moments come at the end. How Malcom deals with the old woman behind a horse, the resolution of a late hostage situation… just great stuff. Have watched the series multiple times since because there just isn’t anything out there to fill this hole. In some ways, it’s completely awesome Han Solo-esque space adventuring.