What's the difference between DDR and SDR RAM again?

I am going to break down and get a GeForce 4 of some sort as my 32MB RIVA TNT 2 Pro will not work for a Beta test I may or may not have gotten into. I know enough to replace the thing and have perused all the other posts over the last few months regarding video cards. That is what helped me decide this card would be the one with enough ‘mmph!’ for my 800mhz Athlon and stay in my cheap bastard price range.

I am just a bit fuzzy on the SDR RAM and DDR RAM thing. I read the explanation in one of my recent CGM’s, but dammit if that is not the one friggin’ issue I do not have piled up in my desk. Will either work in my system or does the card RAM have to match the system RAM or what?


Either works.

Video cards have had DDR much longer than PCs.

Thanks Jakub.

No problem, Dr. Jenkins and Mr. Tyler.

No wonder you’re always here posting away…if your rig didn’t suck you’d be playing games!


You are right. :cry:


There’s a really good deal at CompGeeks for a Geforce 4 TI 4400 for $99. 128 MB, DVI and VGA. Looks like almost the same card I’ve been using for the last year (which I’m pretty happy with).


It might be overkill for your CPU, but it’s about the same price as a “cheap” 4200, and it’s a better card (128MB rather than 64, etc.)


A little visual that really explained it well for me: If you think of your comp’s clock cycle as having 4 states (Up, Right, Down, and Left), SDR accesses only on the “up” clock cycle, whily DDR accesses on both the “up” and “down” cycles. so it accesses twice as often, which means information is (theoretically at least) written and retrieved twice as fast.

And no, video card memory doesn’t have to match system memory.