What's the difference

Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul
Yu-Gi-Oh:Expert Duel Stories Immortal Duelist

I havent seen Expert Duel Stories before.

The latest one was stairway to the destined duel, which is Eternal Duelist Soul with a few hundred more cards and more of an adventure mode.

I am currently playing Eternal Duelist Soul and am loving every minute of it.

Yeah, Eternal Duelist’s Soul and Stairway to the Destined Duel are by far and away the best Yugioh titles, and hideously addictive not-so-little portable card games, once you get past the ugly anime artwork of your opponents.

Both of them focus on the card game itself, rather than any RPG elements. You build your deck and fight specific opponents with specific AIs and deck strategies. By winning, you get booster packs which you can use to further customize your deck. It’s a great way to waste 5-15 minutes here and there - the card game is simple, fast-paced, and you see a lot of neat tricks and flashy cards. The interfaces are elegant and responsive (unlike Duelist of the Roses), and the representation is the closest to the actual Yugioh card game, although it allows certain cards that are forbidden in most tournament rules.

Oddly, despite the incredible amount of pick-up-and-play titles for the GBA, Yugioh SttED (or EDS) seems to be the one I turn to the most. The game itself isn’t the best card game ever, but for sheer card variety and accessibility, it’s a great time. Recommended.

IAWTP 100%.


So then it sounds like for the money i would want the sequel. Is there a reason to buy the other version? And is dungeon dice good?
Thanks for the help here is the link to the game no one had heard of.


I’m sorry, but the names for these games make me think of the Simpsons episode where the family travels to Japan and appear on the Super Happy Family Fun show.

That’s Eternal Duelist Soul. I believe a YGO game in Japan had the “Expert Duel Stories” title, and was at least one of the games co-opted into what eventually became Eternal Duelist Soul. There is no direct Japanese analog for Eternal Duelist Soul.

Stairway to the Destined Duel, on the other hand, is more or less a direct port of the Japanese Battle City game with more/different cards. They’re up to eight total Game Boy YGO games in Japan, so the US games tend to co-opt stuff from several Japanese games at a time.

Anyway, yeah, YGOWWE:SttDD is definitely the one to get right now.


I prefer Eternal Duelist Soul to the new Worldwide thing. I dont like the interface in Worldwide, and the high power cards given at the start remove that sorta christmas feeling you get when you get a booster deck.

Eternal Duelist gets down to the fighting, no pretense, just fighting. Getting new cards and powerful ones overtime instead of right away.

Oh, and Pumpking rox.

Wow guys thanks !! got eternal soul yesterday and loving it