What's the fastest AGP card available now?

My BFG Geforce 7800 GS AGP is dying and BFG won’t return it because they say my power supply does not meet the 20A on the 12V rail requirement. I plan to get a new computer next year and don’t want to move to PCI express right now. What would be the best AGP card to get right now? Thanks.

I believe ATI makes an X1950 Pro for AGP. That’s likely to be faster than a 7800 GS AGP, which is still Nvidia’s fastest AGP card, IIRC.

Looks like X1950XT is the best you can do.

Tom’s Hardware is your friend. The Radeon X1950 XT (by Gecube) is listed as the best card bar none, but do you really want to spend $270 for a card to hold you over until you go PCI-E? I’d get a 7600GT and save the extra $100 for when you get your new PC.

As a PCI-E luddite with a 7800 GS, how much better is the X1950 XT?

I’m very happy with my upgrade from a 6800GT to a X1950Pro, aside from the aspect ratio problem that I keep whining about. It gave me a useful bump in performance, though I’m not sure if a 7800GS-X1950XT swap would give you a similar boost. I bought the card in February for the purpose of putting off a major upgrade by 12 to 18 months, but it’s too early to tell how that’s going to pan out.

I’m surprised BFG won’t let you return the card. Just call again pretending to be someone else, heh.

I just put in another RMA request, this time on the Internet instead of calling. I hope I can get a replacement.

I had no problems returning a video card to BFG either. I don’t recall being asked about my power supply.

I thought they had pretty much an unconditional return policy? I have the same card but made sure I had the required PSU. As far as I know, that’s pretty much as fast as it gets in the AGP department. It’s this or the X1950Pro.

Did you give them your s/n already? If not just call again from a different # and pretend to be someone else.

And make sure when they ask what type of PSU you have, you tell them one that has the required 20A rail. ;)

This time they said to add the two rails together to get the total amps. The tech I spoke to the first time either didn’t know what he was talking about or there was miscommunication. I did get an RMA. Hopefully, the new card will work when I get it.