What's the latest word on GTA IV's release?

Rumors and speculation are welcome. I’ve heard as early as March and as late as June.

Can anyone here give us a more informed perspective?


Wait, so it got pushed back to October? Sons of bitches.

edit: Hang on, that Eurogamer link at the top of Charles’ google search is from October 2006.

I’ve heard that it’s going to be a PSP exclusive and come out in 2009

The last 2 GTAs were releasted in October. This was previously slated to be released in October. I would bet on it being released in October.


The game already got a PEGI rating, same for Australia. Which means someone must have provided a pretty solid, near-final build.


Strat guides are scheduled for like March. I have a feeling Take Two wants this game out by the end of their fiscal year.

The end of their fiscal year is the end of October.

Content complete and shippable aren’t always the same thing. I don’t tihink content was holding them back from releasing.

Previously T2 said it would be in their financial quarter which covers Feb - April. My money is on a late April release, possibly with the PS3 version not coming out until the Fall (since I believe that is what is holding up the release from what random tidbits of data I’ve seen).

It’s a big enough game they don’t have to just release in the same Sep-Nov window that 95% of the game industry self-restricts to.

Ah… well, as Xemu pointed out, it’s probably a fiscal quarter they’re aiming for and the game will be out around March/April.

The game is expected for Q2, which runs through April 30th.

To hell with this irrelevant console shit :).

Seriously though, anyone heard anything about a PC release?

I think there won’t be a pc version. I hope I’m wrong. However if there is one, going by past experience, we won’t see it till at least late 2009.

Is anyone else getting a tad worried that all of the trailers to date seem to have, um, frame rate issues with not much sign of improvement from one to the next?

I’ll start getting worried about it when they announce a PC version.

I’ve noticed that in all of them, yes.

Have they ever said which version they’re using these trailers?

Does it really matter? Unless you assume they went “Hey guys, let’s use the one with the framerate issues for the trailer!”.


Marketing has no clue sometimes, so maybe they did?!

Still, I’d like to know.

I’m pretty sure they said all the trailers were from the 360 version. Has anyone seen the ps3 version?