What's The Matter With Kansas, part one

Hah, you thought I was going to talk about the book, didn’t you? Suckers! I’m just laying the preliminary groundwork.

So the question: did you like it it any way, or not? I kind of suspect this will be a rhetorical question, but I need to double-check my work here.


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Ok, easier way to do this: just reply with what you think.

It was a non-issue and caused WAY more of an uproar than it should have.

I dunno, I kinda like Kansas - Dust in the Wind was a pretty good song…

I didn’t like it on the merits. It was also colossally stupid to do it, both because of the general public backlash and because it embarassed the hell out of the NFL.

I didn’t like or dislike it; I didn’t watch. On the one hand, a little nudity never hurt anyone. On the other hand, it sounded stupid.

I don’t care about the NFL, Top 40 celebrities, or brief nudity on TV.

I disliked it because it was a blatant and stupid attempt to drum up support for two celebrities who’s stars are fading. The “unplanned malfunction” claims afterwards made things worse.

The nudity, I could care less about.

Though I’m a big supporter of exposed breasts, this wasn’t the time or place for it.

And it was cynically designed just to boost the publicity of the irrelevant Janet (guys, Timberlake is a big star, even if you think he’s crap).

Didn’t like it at all. Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that we had kids watching the game with us. That kind of cheap BS has no place on public TV during a family sporting event. I want to know how many people here have children and thought it was ok?

I have a four year old daughter. I couldn’t care less about her happening to see exposed breasts (not that she generally does). She’s still living in blissful ignorance that the general public finds nudity shameful, and as long as we can keep it that way we will.

If I remember right, the song Jackson was singing had a lot of bump and grinding and extremely non-subtle sexual innuendo. I find it… humorous that parents were ok with kids watching the TV up to the breast slip but then shocked and appalled at the breast.

“Mommy, what is Janet doing? Why is she acting like that?”

“Shh, we’re watching the TV honey”

“Oh my GOD what’s that???”

Its not a matter of nudity, as the “experts” say… its that seeing nudity takes little intelligence, no critical thought. Interpreting a dance and having to judge it and having to judge your child’s reaction to it… that takes work. That takes a level of consideration of your child that most parents are not willing to undergo. So they act AS IF the nudity is the point. Good for a laugh…

The other aspect of this issue is that a lot of people (mainly liberals) think that entertainment has no ability to influence. They think they are sophisticated and non-repressed for letting their children watch anything. A subset of the liberal Manifest Destiny worldview. However, even many of these people draw the line at nudity (a trait they share for different reasons with conservatives) so the liberal chorus of “Oh my what’s that???” joins voices with the conservatives…

Solution: Taking a greater interest in the life of your child, applying critical thought toward your child’s environment, and encouraging a good environment for your child’s effective development.

Parent: “If only they didn’t show the breast! Damn MTV for ruining my child!”

Interpreting a dance?

Clearly you don’t understand true art.

Yes, I know, dances by American entertainers are supposed to be merely “entertaining” (that is to say, Hedonistic and Dionysian), and this thought is so ingrained that the mere idea of actually interpreting a dance by Janet Jackson is met with great puzzlement.

“But, I thought dances were meaningless outside of entertainment value?”

Part of the silver lining to the dark cloud of the recently successful conservative movement in America is that Hollywood will finally start to be seen rationally (by some people, anyway). That Hollywood as a culture will gain more critical looks than what they’ve dealt with in the past.

So two things: There is the meaning OF entertainment value and there is meaning of entertaining things on top of them being entertaining.