What's the plan for Guitar Hero?

Any ideas or DEMANDS about what we’re gonna see this year? I’m sure we’ll get a whole new one out in four or five months; either that or a new disc upgrade “add-on” soon. As my Wii version of GHIII doesn’t have any DLC, are we gonna see periodic disc releases of the DLC packs, or just iterative minor upgrades with new songs?

My major hope is that they skew the difficulty back down a bit and lose the boss battles. The difficulty curve is way too hard for new players like me, and though I like having the Bonus songs be uniformly on the high end of the difficulty spectrum, the regular career mode was all over the place, and the Medium to Hard switch was just insane.

More Slayer.

They still need to include Bass Guitar.

Edit: Oops, they already have.

It would be nice if it was its own single-player career though, even if they trim out the songs where the bass part is too small or easy.

I’d like to see an all-metal version of GH.

I’d like to see a no-metal version of GH.

I’d like to see a noble gas version of GH.

Would kind of defeat the purpose of Guitar Hero, no?

This probably makes me a complete nerd, but I LOLed at this.

Not even a little, no.

Kick down your playlist for non-metal Guitar Hero, please.

Keep in mind, that you would have the intention of it actually selling.

Metal is already just a small part of the playlists for all the Guitar Hero games so far; you’re telling me it’s impossible to make a game entirely without it?

Rock Band is nearly metal free as it is, and while you could make an argument that much of Rock Bad isn’t suited for a strictly guitar-based game like Guitar Hero, there’s still plenty of, untapped, non-metal, guitar-tastic music out there. More than enough to keep the franchise going for many years, if that’s the route they decided to take.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t mind some metal representation, but it’s a far cry from being the sole “purpose” of Guitar Hero.

I just heard on the 1UP podcast today that there are 4 versions of Guitar Hero coming out in 2008. I have no idea what that means other than my notion that what’s in store is milking the franchise.

Maybe they’re going the Pokemon route and a couple tiers will have different songs in each version and you’ll have to beat people online to unlock the others…

(Only half-joking.)

How about a Guitar Hero where you can take any arbitrary song off an audio CD and it will figure out the things to press on the guitar for you and add it to the song list.

For me, where GH is going is off my radar. If Neversoft had just made song packs on the GH engine I would be happier, because all of the changes they made to the game were steps backward in my opinion. The most likely reason for me buying a new version of GH is to get a better guitar to play RB with.

How about Classical Guitar hero? Playing some Andres Segovia or Jose Feliciano would be kinda sweet. :P

Seriously though, I can’t remember hearing any Santana or Zappa in any of the guitar heroes, I would imagine probably because of copyright issues. But those are both huge guitarists that aren’t of the heavy metal variety.

Black Magic Woman is in GH3.

Doh! I thought I prolly missed that. We barely played gh3, Rock Band is so much better (and has a better variety of music, imo)

You’re telling me Guitar Hero isn’t centered around metal? The venues, the battles vs. Morello, Slash and Satan, Dragonforce closing out the credits? I’ve never heard anyone talk about how they kill Pat Benatar’s ‘Hit Me With You Best Shot’ or the Living Colour jam. They will sure as hell talk your ear off about Through the Fire and the Flames and Raining Blood. Sure, a non-metal version may be made, but metal is the heart and soul of the game. Mabye we’re playing different versions? Or maybe I just want more Slayer.

A Spanish Guitar Hero could be made and kids worldwide would be well on their way to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but it wouldn’t fit into the mold of Guitar Hero.