What's the thing you own that you've had the longest time?

I’ve had the same red toolbox for over thirty years. It has my name painted on it. I got it as a birthday present when I was a kid and thought it was the stupidest present ever, hardly any better than a sweater or a pair of socks. what kind of guy gives a little kid who doesn’t even own tools a toolbox?

Turns out it was easily one of the most practical things I’ve ever been given. What about you guys? What object or item have you had longer than any other?


For me, it might be the alto sax my parents bought me when I was in 5th grade or so, so 33 years. I have been playing it recently with a band - it’s still in great working order.

The table in my kitchen that I’ve had since my mom was a bachelorette and hadn’t met my dad.

It might be my alarm clock. Seriously, I think that thing is going on 20+ years old.

I have the baby blanket that my biodad’s sister gave me when I was born. It’s the only thing I have from that side of the family. It’s a cute unicorn quilt, edged with white lace, and it has the stains of a thousand art projects and whatnot on it and it’s more important to me because of that than because of where it came from. Currently my baby sleeps with it at night.

I’ve had the bunny puppet in this picture since I was a baby. There are actually two now.

We went on a family trip when I was a toddler. My parents made sure to pack the puppet, knowing I wouldn’t sleep without Bunny. Somehow Bunny got lost in the luggage (or maybe my brother hid Bunny, as he loved to do) and I started wailing. My mom went out and searched store after store until she found a replacement puppet for me.

I was recently reunited with Bunny 1 and Bunny 2. Since my mother sees the new house as a suitable grown-up house that I’ll be in for awhile, she’s now doing that thing moms do - sending box after box of stuff I left behind. The Bunnies arrived a couple of months ago.

My Garfield bookmark, I do believe at this point its pushing 26 or 28 (older than me).

It would have to be the bed that my mother passed down to me when I moved out, since she bought it before I was even born. I really have to replace the mattress on it though, as it’s some old Sealy posturepedic thing that’s getting pretty lumpy.

Probably Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy, which I bought when I was about 12 and still have today, 33 years later. My first copies of Tolkien would be older, but they wore out and got replaced.

Probably some wool socks knitted by my grandmother.

I think I’ve seen that toolbox. I always wondered why you had that thing.

The oldest thing I have is a WWI practice rifle. It’s basically a wooden rifle with a metal barrel and metal trigger

It was way too hard to think of the answer to this question. And I’m not really sure what the answer says about me but they were both gifts to me given by my father, a fishing tacklebox and a gun. Yes, a gun, a hunting rifle to be exact.

I sound like Opie Taylor.

I have a well-loved and beat up Gizmo from the movie Gremlins. It was my first stuffed animal, and when you shake him up and down he squeaks. I’ve had it since I was an infant.

My kids are still reading my copy of the Lorax. It has to be 35 years old now.
The sauce pot I use was my grandfather’s from pre-WWII, then my mums, and now mine. Technical ownership is maybe only 5 years, but I’ve been cooking with it for 30.

The thing I’ve owned the longest is my NES console.

My birth certificate.

Noun’s obvious example aside . . .

I have a stuffed animal from when I was a baby. I own things that are older then that (and older then me), but that stuffed animal (a rabbit) is the oldest thing that I’ve continuously had.

I have some school stuff from grade 7 kicking around that dates back 33 years but even older would be the paperback copy of The Exorcist I bought in 1974 when I was 10 years old. Shame on whoever sold it to me! (I loved it.)

Hmmm. If I count items still stuffed in closets at my parents’ house, then it’s a teddy bear I’ve had since birth. If I go by things I actually have with me in my home, then it’s probably the first CD I bought, the soundtrack to Star Trek: Generations.

I’d like to give an honorable mention though, to the oldest item I still use, and arguably more often than I use almost anything else I own: the mousepad that came with my preordered copy of Max Payne. It’s coming up on nine years old, and I’ve used it almost every day.

I’ve got a baby outfit that was mine that my mother recently gave me. We had our son’s picture taken in it to match one of mine. Gonna be hard to beat that for me.