What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


Yeah I just read the fine print. $7 a month , if you need replacement pay $79 then they will send you a refurb / factory refreshed model. And a limit of 2 replacements.

No way!


Squaretrade is typically a better deal than your carrier, but it doesn’t cover replacement due to loss or theft. It’s more of an extended warranty. But it can’t compete with that pixel deal.

$7/month for true insurance including replacement, is fantastic. You won’t find a better deal anywhere.

I don’t insure my phones, but I also never drop or lose them, and I always use a case. With a glass back, you need a case.


Absurd. $7/mo is almost 30 percent of the cost of the phone, not including the Fi credit! If I pay for a year of that, plus $80 to actually get the benefit, I’ve paid $165 for a refurb version of a device I paid $400 for in the first place. And that’s what, an 80th percentile scenario for getting value out of that warranty?

That’s an absolutely horrible bet. Take that $165 to the blackjack table, you’ll have much better odds.


Oh, I was basing that on a Pixel 3. If you got a cheap phone then obviously it’s better to just buy a new one if it breaks.

I mean, insurance is always a bad deal, unless your phone breaks and you need it. Just need to do the cost/benefit analysis. I didn’t insure or buy Applecare for my $1100 iPhone XS Max, because I don’t drop or lose phones.


I have a Pixel 3 ;)


Well, you got it at half-price then.


Yeah I mean I’m not an idiot.



I’m on project fi and I traded in my Pixel for the LG V35. I know, nobody talks about it. It has the same processor as the current gen Pixels. But it has a screen about the same size as the Pixel 3XL and only weighs as much as the Pixel 3. It also a headphone jack and an SD card slot. And even though the “improved DAC” sounds like marketing fluff, I definitely noticed a difference when AB testing with my Pixel.

The downside is that you’ll have to wait for the latest Android version. But I can live with that.


What type of output device were you using, I am curious.


Sennheiser open back headphones.


You can drive sennheisers off a little cell phone?? We’re not talking HD580/650s are we?


Yes, they are hd650s, plugged directly into the phone. They sound fine, at moderate volumes. But I haven’t tried them with an amp yet.

EDIT: FWIW, some random dude with actual testing equipment measured 110 dB at 50 Hz from HD 650s plugged into a V35


The thing about phone insurance is that there’s no price bucketing based on your risk profile so you have to decide yourself if it has a value proposition. For a lot of people it won’t make sense, but for some people who somehow are able to go through a phone per year they absolutely do make sense and so the pool is priced with those people in mind.


My nephew apparently shatters his phone screen every 3-4 months, so my sister always gets insurance for him. I’ve never as much as dropped my iPhone in 11 years of owning it. I don’t even use a case.


Really? Modern phones are slippery like bars of soap. That’s impressive.


Just got a Moto X4 to replace my old Nexus 5 whose screen I broke last December.

Stusser I see what you mean about modern phones being like bars of soap. Yeah, this one’s slippery as an eel.

But what I really wanted to mention was… I powered it on this morning around 9 AM. And since then I have been doing nothing but installing system/security updates. Is there no better way to do this? It’s crazy that I need to spend half a workday doing nothing more than downloading files, installing them, and rebooting.


Should just be a one-time thing. Must have shipped with something ancient, and Google for whatever reason only seems to want to ship incremental patches.

I was blown away the other day when I rebooted my Pixel 3 (Assistant started refusing to connect for whatever reason, reboot fixed it) and it rebooted in like…20 seconds? 30? It was fast as hell. My previous N5X would take 5-ish minutes.


Wait,… is this a thing? I can ditch AT&T and keep my iPhone? Even if i have to buy a $200 Google Fi phone to go along with it, it might be worth it.



you used to have to activate the sim manually on a supported nexus/pixel first, they recently opened it to everyone.


You’ll probably just have to ask AT&T to unlock your iPhone, and you should be able to transfer over.