What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


Yes, the phone has to be unlocked first. Until recently every Verizon phone came unlocked due to a settlement with the FCC, but recently they’re just ignoring that with the assumption that the business-friendly administration won’t care. AT&T and the rest always came locked.


Looks like my Nexus 5x has suddenly given up the ghost, as of last night/this morning. Won’t power on or respond to anything. Lasted almost two years.

Queued up a ThinQ order on the fi website, and shipping date is Dec. 31! For $18 more, I could get it to ship a day earlier.

Terrible timing. Gah.


Any recommendations for a cheap burner I can use for a couple of weeks? Calls and texting is all I need, and needless to say I’ll need to add it to my Fi plan. Amazon would probably be best.

Or even better, and I know this is a real longshot, something unlockable, can be added to my Fi plan, cheaper than the ThinQ and almost as good, and much faster to ship.

I feel like for $550, even with the $40 trade-in credit, two weeks to ship is pretty unreasonable.




I know a guy!


Gee, thanks guys! Also, spoiler! I’m not that far into BCS yet. ;)

Anyway, the throwaway phone question is now pretty much moot, as Google can’t ship a free sim card any quicker than they can a new phone.

I may just decide to live without a phone until the replacement ships Dec. 31. Unless I go with a throwaway w/ a different #, via someone other than Google.

Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, still trying to decide which Fi phone I want.


You should get a Pixel 3. With $100 off (or $150 for a 3XL) ;)


3 XL:


How do those codes work? I don’t see anywhere to put them in the checkout process. Are they sign-up codes? (I’m an existing customer.)


Sucks you missed out on the $400 off deal. :(


I know! Stupid phone, waiting until now to die.


There should be a field for a promo codes when you’re viewing your cart before order submit.

Here’s the full text of the “share” email it generates:

Upgrading phones? Here’s an exclusive offer.

I love my Pixel 3 and I think you’ll love it too, so here’s an exclusive $100 off Pixel 3 or $150 off Pixel 3 XL at the Google Store. Plus, get up to $400 back when you trade in your old phone.

Just enter the code at checkout, valid through Jan 1st, 2019.

Pixel 3 promo code: B-R5GC568KE8VPIM9DNV9LE9M
Pixel 3 XL promo code: B-R5V2524ZPMOVTRCP7QHBGZP

P.S. When you buy your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, I’ll get $100 to spend at the Google Store!


I have a $50 Windows phone I bought as a burner years ago and never used. Would that help?


Aw, thanks Endigm. I’ll probably just grab one on Prime, unless a local store has something similar. Google should offer some sort of emergency phone insurance deal for situations like this. Two weeks to ship is ridiculous when you’re dead in the water. (And two weeks to ship just a sim card is especially weird.)

Adam, for some reason I get all the way through checkout to the final confirmation button without any option to enter codes. Maybe they disable it because I’d already be getting credit via their sale and my trade-in.

I’ll probably pull the trigger on a Pixel or a ThinQ this week. Still holding off for some reason. Wasn’t planning to drop $500-700 for a phone at this juncture.

To add insult to injury, my microwave died to a weird surge yesterday afternoon. The internal light kept tripping the breaker yesterday, but cooking in the microwave was fine until the last surge killed the microwave. And I need a microwave almost as much as I need a phone. Grr.


Could be. I’ll accept a cash or money order for $100 instead ;)


I just did your referral code.

I’m stuck in the walled garden of Apple but can’t wait to ditch AT&T.


Awesome! Thank you so much - this is pretty exciting :-)


Pulled the trigger on a Pixel 2 XL. Way more phone than I actually need, but with $300 in fi credit the cost will wind up being sorta about the same as any other modern, new smart phone.

Strangely, on Saturday/Sunday the ship date, whenever I proceeded through the shopping cart, was Dec. 31 or later, but today the delivery date became Dec. 20-21.


God I now wish I had bitten on that $200 off the phone, $200 network credit for the Pixel 3.

I’m trying to purchase less stuff, but I do regret passing on that one.


Sucks short-term, but I always comfort myself w/r/t technology that it always gets cheaper over time, and there’s always another sale.


This is precisely what I needed to hear. I did not buy this because my iPhone 6 works, even if it is getting a little long in the tooth. But it works.

And that’s what I’m trying to do here - stop buying things when I already have things that work. So thanks. :)