What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


It’s tough! You have to actively work to develop new antibodies to the rapidly mutating marketing viruses you can’t help but be exposed to.

I’m joking, but I’m not. Fucking nobody needs a new Pixel for $900 any more than they need a new iPhone for $1200.

It’s possible I just dropped $200 on smarthome nonsense that I don’t need, but hey nobody is perfect ok?


Hear hear. It would be one thing if we were talking about a $20 piece of technology, but it’s nearly $1000 here. Even at half price it’s still very expensive. I’m weak, but trying to be stronger.


Fi sent me an email with a cute little dinosaur game to play and a code for a free Google Photos book at the end. Nothing spectacular, but nice.



Look at top left :).


Cool! Works well for you so far?

Do you have any indication on your account page of the $20 credit coming your way? I don’t see anything on mine about the Share the Love credit. We don’t get it until 30 days of service, but another page gave me the impression that we’d see the status of it sooner.


I don’t even have a statement yet, it seems like the service gives you a day or so free to let the number be ported and fill out all the things. But i’ll let you know when i see it pop up.


I got the message stating the credit will be applied in 30 days, so yours should work too. Thanks again, I appreciate it!


Son has been in a smallish city/village in Ghana for the past week. Fi SMS and phone calls have been pretty reliable, but MMS so unreliable we gave up on trying. Still, nice to able to be in contact with him every few days without futzing with a local provider.