What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


I’ve had the Moto X4 since it was launched in, what, September? My only real complaint is I wish the on/off button was not right next to the volume controls. Decent sounds about right to me which, like you, is fine with me. If my wife didn’t insist on a larger screen for hers I’d get her one too. My most loved feature is the fingerprint reader which I didn’t have on my old phone (Samsung Galaxy S4). Being able to unlock it with a press instead of a PIN is a godsend.


Heads up, the Moto X4 is on sale, from $400 down to $250. That seems like a good price point for
it. I wonder if it’s still possible to get anything back from trade-ins, or is that offer completely over?

The Pixel XL is also on sale, but still pretty pricey at $550.

My Nexus 6p seems to be running fine still, as is my wife’s 5X, so I won’t bite this time.


Thanks for that heads up. I broke the screen on my 5X in December but I was sort of waiting until it became more unusable to replace it. Plus at that time the Moto was $350. At $250 I just might bite.


Yes thanks for the heads up my wife needs a new phone now. I’ve been wanting to add her to my fi account. Only problem is I got her a 12 month mintsim contract and I have 8 months left on it. It looks like from the terms from Google though I can buy and activate the new device with Fi but then turn off service after the first month and then bring it back on in 7 months when the other expires…


My wife’s 5x apparently has the dreaded boot loop issue. I bounced around a bit between Project Fi and LG support, but LG will be fixing it for free even though it’s out of the 12 month warranty. Only problem is it’s gone for up to two weeks and my wife is traveling.

Thankfully we still have a couple of older phones from our Virgin Mobile days. I managed to get her up and running using Hangouts so she can get texts and make calls, but only on wifi at this time (this phone had an issue with it’s SIM slot). It’s definitely far from perfect, but at least she’s able to communicate through her phone number when she’s at home/work (although for some reason Hangouts won’t ring when she’s got an incoming phone call).

I did find out one thing that’s kind of neat about Project Fi. They’ll send you an additional data-only SIM card for your account for free, so you can use it in whatever device you have that supports it. Data gets used from your plan like normal. If the SIM card on her old phone wasn’t buggy, this would have worked for her when she was off wifi until LG sent back her 5x.

Android - what's in your pocket?

Fi is tempting but i hate to leave the walled garden for Android. I’m looking at Cricket which has similar plans but is compatible with iOS. OTOH is be leaving AT&T for ghetto AT&T.


That’s how they get you.


Just read about the above-announced unlimited plan. The throttling at 15GB still kills it for me, sadly. I average about 20gb/mo; gf is around 10. Ah well. Someday!


My bill this month is $21.46. I used almost no data, and had credits from using less than my base allotment (2GB) last month, too.


I used 1GB and mine was $36. But that’s because I rolled my Nexus 6P into my bill so I didn’t have to find any cash for it.


My bill this month was negative since the $100 credit from buying a Moto X over the holidays came through. Probably gonna cover a couple more months.


My favourite thing about it so far is that when I went back to England in April last year the phone chirped and said “here’s a gig of European data” so I could use my GPS to get around.

That and the 1c/minute calling back to England.


Ooh, good timing—I was going to ask about international calling on Fi. A penny a minute is basically nothing.

Edit: That’s to mobile, right? Or landline? (Or both?)


It’s 1c/minute to landlines or to the major mobile networks - o2, Orange, TMobile, Vodafone, Hutch3g. If you call another cell provider outside of those, it’s 17c/minute.


Thanks! Looks like I need to check what my varied and ancient relatives are on.


Anyone get notified for this months bill yet? My notification for amount due is almost $12 less than last month. What changed?


Do you use a lot of data?
They made it so that any amount of data over 6G is now free.


Nope, used a total of .10 GB last month. (Like almost every month.)


Along with data protection Fi also switched to post-pay so you’ll only ever pay for the data you actually use. This month was the transition so on top of any credit rollover from last month you weren’t paying ahead like before. Have to say, it was pretty nice to have a $14 phone bill this month!


Oh ok! Cool! :D