What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


Good to know, I wandered what was up with that…


2nd month in a row now with a bill less than $18.


It’s still $249, and now they have a sale going on where you get $249 in Project Fi credit if you buy two of them for your group. So if I get two for me and my wife, I’d pay $498, but get $249 in Project Fi credit. Nice deal.


Bought one for my wife a few months back at $249 and now that I’m about to completely give up on my PoS Nexus 6p, I’m thinking about getting one for myself. So…



@arrendek Can you resell those to other Project Fi users? Need to replace my phone and I would not mind buying a used one at a good price which would let you purchase the two for your people.


There is an activation requirement so, I don’t think so? The only phone I’d be replacing then would be my 6p which you do not want.

I’ll try to parse the deal language tonight.


I think he means you sell him your wife’s almost new Moto X4, and get two new ones, one for you (to replace the 6p) and one for her (to replace the X4 that she sold to Charlatan).


I considered that. I need to see if I could resell that one, because I originally had to activate it to get it for that price, which I did, but I need to check if I have to keep it activated for some period of time.


Yeah, @rock8man parsed my post correctly. I was proposing buying your wife’s almost new phone so you could buy two new ones. If you did all the research to see if that works, that’d be awesome!


Got home, mentioned it to my wife, and she pointed out that we were probably buying our daughter her first phone in August anyways, so we might as well just take the free one now. It also solves the problem I was having with wanting a full Android phone with GPS for tracking and the fact that she’s been asking us for a camera for a while now.

We can actually use another phone. I’m very dumb, sorry. :(


At what age do kids get phones these days?


I replaced my 6p with a Pixel 2 XL a few weeks ago, and apparently that was the right time. I got $150 in trade for it, but now it’s only yielding $63.


Prenatal , and it better have a unlimited data plan.


My daughter is almost 11 and is starting to want to do things on her own like walks and what not, so she needs a way to contact us if something happens.


It’s funny that I’m seeing this topic a lot lately. Last Friday at the mosque, the sermon’s topic was how nothing good can come from giving your kids a smartphone, with him imploring everyone not to get smartphones for their kids. (Because they get exposed to bad stuff, harder for parents to keep track of, and engaging less with people in the real world, more with their phones, etc, etc.)

I was also reading recently about some parents purposely getting “dumb” phones from Nokia and such for their kids.


The dumb phone is a great idea… until your daughter proclaims her deep-seated hatred for you because all her friends have iPhones, and now you’ve completely ruined her life. Hehehe.


So two years to the day that I bought it, my Nexus 5x decided to just shut off randomly and no amount of button pressing would get it back and running again. I opened it up and did get it restarted, but it was essentially bootlooping as well. After getting my stuff off, I tried to do a factory reset and now it won’t power up again.

With the X4 on sale, and basically having a free second X4 I’m seriously considering going that route. Anyone have opinions on it? I’m a little less enthused about it than I was the 5x because of the glass exterior casing, slightly bigger dimensions/weight, and what I think is a worse camera than the 5x. That said, my only other options seem to be sending the 5x out for repair (at my cost, LG won’t cover a phone that won’t start up) or buying a refurbished 5x (which seems to be rolling the dice given the bootloop issue and it’s out of the Google update window).


As I mentioned up thread a bit, my wife has one. It’s fine. It’s a $250 phone, not a $500-800 phone, and it shows. But it’s fine. Camera’s not half bad, performance is ok. Not too much bloat. It’s just… fine.

I have my new one on the way but won’t have my own personal everyday impressions for a couple weeks.


My wife has a blue X4. She loves the color, and I think it’s a surprisingly nice phone.

I haven’t used it extensively, but after handling it I am surprised that it’s so inexpensive. For instance, it feels much nicer than my old Nexus 6. The camera is almost, but not quite, as good as the one in my Pixel. I’ve only actually used its apps a few times and nothing more intensive than the browser, but I thought the screen was very nice and the phone was responsive. Again, definitely a step up from my old Nexus 6.

Keep in mind that I can only compare it to Nexus and Pixel phones because I am on Project Fi. I think all of them probably suffer in comparison to the latest and greatest from Samsung.


Thanks for the impressions. I’m definitely not someone who needs the latest and greatest $500+ phone. Up until I bought my Nexus 5x, I don’t think I ever spent more than $100-$150 on a phone. The 5x felt like splurging at $260.

At this point I’m unable to fix my 5x. I think the power button is actually messed up (instead of the more common bootloop issue), so it looks like I’m picking up the X4 since the Pixel is out of my price range.